Pain is Good – Garlic Style Hot Sauce Review

Pain is Good Garlic Hot Sauce – This sauce is made like fine beer in micro breweries. All of the Pain is Good varieties are made in numbered micro batches, using all-natural ingredients that show. The first thing about Pain is Good Garlic Style I noticed was the intense freshness of the sauce. No preservatives makes all the difference in the world, and when you’re using the kinds of ingredients this sauce uses, you’re getting a beautiful sauce in every aspect.

This one has a vivid bright orange color and it’s packed with seeds, garlic, onion, and pepper pieces. The pepper in residence here is the respectable habanero. As the name implies, garlic is the star of the show, but it shares the stage with the habanero to deliver an overall hot garlicky flavor that is downright addictive.

Other ingredients in this sauce include lemon and lime juice, mustard, mustard seed, white vinegar, paprika, carrots, salt, additional spices, and a touch of olive oil. These ingredients are perfectly balanced with the garlic and habaneros, delivering an explosive round of heat that is very quickly soothed by the delightful flavor.

I use Pain is Good Garlic Hot Sauce with chimichangas, tacos, and in my chili. It’s a table sauce at my house, used at just about every meal of the day, breakfast, lunch, and supper. Dipping deep-friend catfish into this sauce is a must-try. The flavor of the sauce pairs so well with the catfish that you’ll wonder why you should ever use anything else.

Pain is Good also makes Louisiana Style hot sauce and Jamaican Style hot sauce that have a lot of the same features, each with its own distinctive personality. I would highly recommend you keep the Pain is Good sauces on your table. These sauces have such a beautiful quality about them, and the method by which they are made and bottled sets them smack dab in the middle of the designer sauce arena.

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