Quaker Steak and Lube Louisiana Lickers Sauce Review

I could write a book about Louisiana Lickers Sauce. The ingredients alone would fill a book, so I won’t be listing all of them; I’ll simply talk about the ingredients I feel play a primary role in this sauce’s success.

First off, Quaker Steak’s Louisiana Lickers Sauce is billed as a wing sauce, and make no mistake about it, this is one of the finest sauces you could ever top your chicken wings with. I did it and ate a baker’s dozen in one sitting. It was a beautiful experience. The thing is, I think I could drink this sauce straight from the bottle and be perfectly happy. Continue Reading

Sphincter Shrinker Hot Sauce Review

It was hard to put my nose up to something called “sphincter” but once I got past the name I was glad to inhale the sauce’s fruity smell of apples and raisons, with just a hint of heat. Not so in the taste—in taste the heat made a much stronger appearance.

Despite chile extract being the 5th ingredient, Sphincter Shrinker Hot Sauce still packs a strong punch. It provides decent heat, and is clearly designed for chile enthusiasts. However, it does not live up to the XXX on the label, it’s very hot, but not completely incapacitating.
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Holy Jolokia Hot Sauce Review

How did I survive a decade living in New Mexico without encountering Holy Jolokia Hot Sauce? This sauce was developed at the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University, and a portion of proceeds helps raise funds for education and research—and really, is there any cause more important than the research of chiles? I say no.

The label is simple: a picture of a chile on fire. The sauce is orange and quite liquidy, though fortunately the top has a drip cap.  The chile is Bhut Jolokia, the ghost chile, the hottest chile pepper in the world. Continue Reading

Dave’s Jammin’ Jerk Sauce & Marinade Review

Dave’s Jammin’ Jerk Sauce & Marinade is so weak that it would work well as baby formula.

“No it wouldn’t. Too salty.”

I made the mistake of tasting Dave’s Jammin’ Jerk with friends. Why does Dave’s Gourmet make the mistake of labeling it as “Sauce & Marinade”? It’s not a sauce; it’s more like a salad dressing with Jamaican flavors.

It smells like a salad dressing too, the scent of allspice, lime, salt and sugar in a vegetable oil base. Continue Reading

Mountain Man Roasted Corn, Garlic & Chipotle Sauce Review

This sauce was a hit the moment I opened the bottle. First of all, getting it out of my wife’s hands was a challenge. She absolutely loves Mountain Man Roasted Corn, Garlic & Chipotle Sauce. I can’t blame her. I always love a good chipotle sauce; Mountain Man has figured out how to blend flavors beyond compare.

This is not the first Mountain Man sauce I’ve tried. One of the key things I enjoy about Mountain Man sauces is the way the ingredients are selected to play off one another in a well balanced symphony of taste (yep, I used a cheesy metaphor, but who cares, right?). Continue Reading

Georgia Peach & Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce Review

Here’s a tasty little number that foregoes the typical odd or frightening name in favor of promoting its key ingredients – what my old high school English teacher used to call “putting the meat in the window.” In other words, whatever you have to say, say it clearly so people can understand it. I’ll try to hew to those words of wisdom in this review.

Georgia Peach & Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce is a sweet and sassy sauce that marries two of Georgia’s most prized agricultural exports: peaches and Vidalia onions. The wedding party also includes red chili puree, jalapeno peppers, cayenne pepper, and tomatoes. Continue Reading

Jim Beam Barbecue Sauce Review

Jim Beam Barbecue Sauce gives you everything you’d expect from a companythat has been making some of the finest whiskey around for over two centuries. Fruit concentrate, molasses, a combination of spices, and Jim Beam Bourbon provide the down-home taste of this barbecue sauce.

Jim Beam Barbecue Sauce is thick and hearty, with smoky flavor and overtones of smooth bourbon. I painted this over a slab of ribs and tossed them on an open charcoal pit. The smell of barbecue ribs in Winter is sure to engage the neighbors. It wasn’t long before a few of them stopped by to chat, waiting, of course, for the ribs to finish. Continue Reading

Blair’s Death Hot Sauce Review

I never get tired of sauces made with peppers. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about pepper sauce, dipping sauce, wing sauce, or barbecue sauce; if peppers are the point of the sauce, I want to know about it. Of course, the more individual a sauce, the better I like it. After you’ve used as many pepper-based sauces as I have, your palette becomes a bit jaded. It takes a special sauce to get a rise out of me these days.

Enter Blair’s Death Sauce. The name alone gives you an indication of what lies waiting for you within. As a bonus, the sauce comes with a skull key chain attached to the bottle, which, call me a kid, gave me a little rush of excitement. It’s hanging on my key chain right now. Continue Reading

Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce Review

Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce is not so much a sauce as it is a paste. You’ll build some great upper arm stretch trying to pound a few drops of this sauce out of the bottle. The good news? You’ll only need one. This stuff is monstrously hot. A solo taste produced more than an hour’s worth of full-mouth burn, quelled very little by water or milk. It has a thick, grainy consistency and a dark, chocolate brown color. Uncapped, the imposing scent wafts out of the bottle like some sort of evil genie ready to grant your wish for oral masochism.

The heat is rapid and sustaining. For a second run, I slathered a drop in the middle of my roast beef sandwich with provolone (on wheat). Roast beef is one of my favorite lunch meats, but sometimes it just seems unexciting. Continue Reading

Uncle Dougie’s Chicago Style Chicken Wing Sauce Review

Uncle Dougie’s Chicago Style Chicken Wing Sauce is a marinade that’s spicy without being hot. Red peppers, peppers, and malt vinegar make up the bulk of the flavor, with a little sugar and some spices and seasonings thrown in for good measure.

Nothing fancy, but definitely a tasty marinade for chicken wings, chicken breast, or even as a turkey injection sauce (with melted butter added).

The marinade needs to be shaken well to blend the spice and season ingredients, which settle to the bottom of the bottle. Continue Reading

Wimp Retardant X-Hot Sauce Review

The bottle feels like a pint of whiskey; the label resembles an old-fashioned label you might find on something from the 1800s; the name of the sauce is quite lengthy and just plain cool. These are a few of the obvious characteristics I thought I’d point out. Not one of them has a single thing to do with the taste of the sauce itself.

I love hot sauces. I’ve tried more than I can count. Wimp Retardant X-Hot Sauce is one of my favorites. First off, there is a blend of surprising ingredients here I’ve never seen in another hot sauce. That’s not to say they’ve never been used; I’ve just never seen them before. Continue Reading

Great White Shark Predator Hot Sauce Review

I’ve never been particularly scared of sharks. I’m the type of guy who laughs during Jaws and watches the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week for the gore. Then I tried Great White Shark Predator Hot Sauce and for the first time I tasted fear– and it tasted good.

The shark on the bottle emerges from the ocean with its immense jaws open wide, rows of gleaming teeth sharpened and ready to bite. The foreboding image is an appropriate warning for the heat within. “This sauce is too hot for ‘normal’ landlubbers.” states the label ominously. “It will attack you with no warning and take a big bite out of your ass.” Continue Reading

Pappy’s Moonshine Madness BBQ Sauce Review

There are several important things going on with Pappy’s Moonshine Madness ingredient wise that result in a barbecue sauce far and away above any barbecue sauce I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. First things first, though. Pappy’s little concoction may be billed as a barbecue sauce, but this sauce does double duty as a hot sauce alone, useable in any situation you might use a traditional hot sauce. It also makes a fine wing sauce.

Now let me talk about the ingredients. Pappy’s has sugar, vinegar, fresh onions and garlic, anchovies, Worcestershire sauce,  tomato sauce and tomato paste, paprika, black pepper, lemon powder, lemon juice, lemon oil, and natural hickory flavoring. Continue Reading

Da Bomb Ground Zero Review

Let me put this sauce in perspective. The Scoville chart measures pepper heat level in units. A Jalepeno is between 2,500 and 3,500 units, Cayenne peppers are between 30,000 and 50,000 units, Habaneros and Scotch Bonnets are between 100,000 and 350,000 units, and Da Bomb Ground Zero weighs in at 234,000 Scoville units. What this means, in layman’s terms, is that this sauce, without much effort, could blister your tongue on contact.

Da Bomb Ground Zero comes in a little bottle reminiscent of an old time medicine bottle, with a big green bomb on the label. Continue Reading

Mountain Man Garlic Pepper Sauce Review

Mountain Man Garlic Pepper Sauce is a traditional vinegar-based sauce with aged red peppers. The added benefit is the taste of garlic. This one is infused with it. Any garlic lover will be thrilled.

The sauce is aromatic, thin enough to pour easily (and with its fresh, garlic-infused flavor, you’ll want to be liberal), and full of pepper seeds and garlic pieces.

I tried it with hot wings first. It’s an obvious choice, and this sauce was a natural fit. There’s no need to add anything to the sauce except for a generous hunk of butter. Drop your wings into the sauce and let them lavish in it for ten or fifteen minutes. The wings tasted great with an ice-cold Irish Red beer. Continue Reading

Hottest Hot Sauce Review

The flaming skulls on the bottle of “Hottest Hot Sauce” take me back to the worst nightmares of my childhood. I remember waking up screaming as skeletons chased me down the street and disembodied ghouls rose from the fiery pits of hell determined to take me back with them. Thankfully this sauce is a far more pleasurable experience for my taste buds.

The label includes standard threats that this is the “hottest hot sauce” and that it will “really set your skull on fire.” As a New Englander I appreciate the use of local vernacular on the label claiming that this is a “wicked hot sauce.” Continue Reading

Joe Perry’s Mango Peach Tango Hot Sauce Review

A lot of people know Joe Perry for the sizzling hot guitar leads he lays down in the rock band Aerosmith, but one taste of his Rock Your World Mango Peach Tango Hot sauce will give you something else to think of him for.

I’m a big fan of combining subtle sweetness with heat. Peaches and mangos, which are key ingredients in Joe Perry’s hot sauce, are ideal for this. I opened Joe Perry’s Mango Peach Tango hot sauce with high hopes. I wasn’t let down, folks.

Beginning with the aroma, I knew I was in for a treat. I held the bottle under my nose and inhaled the delicate combination balance of peaches and mangos, complimented by the distinctive smell of fresh Habanero peppers. Continue Reading

Vicious Viper Hot Sauce Review

Deep in the grass, where your momma told you never to go, there lies a predator silently waiting for a victim. Fangs bared, with ample venom to make the kill the Vicious Viper Hot Sauce is ready– and hungry.

The bottle claims that is a sauce not to be messed with lightly. That “you don’t know HOT until you’ve been bitten by the Vicious Viper.” It says this is a food supplement to be taken only one drop at a time. And so I step warily into the grass, forewarned of the dangers that lie before me. I open the bottle to reveal the potent poison within.

The first whiff smells of bananas and fresh Habenero peppers. A subtle fruitiness that draws me closer, begging me to take a taste. Continue Reading

Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce No. 10 Review

Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce No. 10 has three pepper ingredients, all of them superstars in their own right; Habaneros, red and green jalapenos, and Serrano chilies. Add to that a few unusual ingredients, such as beets, cress, and spinach, and you have a hot sauce blend that can definitely be called unique.

First of all, if heat is what you want, Uncle Brutha’s will make your forehead damp. The cool thing about this heat is that it doesn’t overwhelm the smoky taste of the sauce. The heat factor is about a six on a ten scale, but it’s a slow heat one that teases the tongue and gradually warms your belly.

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The Ghost Hot Sauce Review

Hot sauces with more novelty than quality are a dime a dozen, though it can be hard to tell which is which based solely on the label of the bottle.

Take the Ghost Hot Sauce, for example. Based on the label, it seems like the sauce will actually turn me into a ghost.

In my experience, the more hyperbole that is on the hot sauce bottle, the less impressive it actually tends to be, which is why I was surprised at the incredible amount of pain this sauce is able to induce. Continue Reading

Black Swan Sweet Cognac BBQ Sauce Review

Sweet is the key word in Black Swan Sweet Cognac BBQ Sauce‘s name and in its flavor. With a short list of ingredients that include soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, orange juice, brown sugar, garlic, onions, ginger, and cognac. It’s the addition of the sweet brandy that gives this Black Swan barbecue sauce its flavor personality.

My wife and I tried this sauce on steak, ribs, and chicken wings. It worked well on each dish. My wife particularly enjoyed it on the chicken wings. I also scored points with my mother-in-law after she tried the Black Swan barbecue wings. I enjoyed each of the dishes we tried the sauce on as well, although it will never replace some of my more favorite pepper-based sauces. Continue Reading

Baboon Ass Habanero Hot Sauce Review

There are just certain phrases a man never expects to hear himself utter. For me, “I’d like a little Baboon Ass, please,” certainly falls into that category of things I never wanted to hear myself say. These days, I say it often, and I say it with pride. The original Baboon Ass Habanero Hot sauce (as if there have been a lot of Baboon Asses to follow) is on my list of hot sauces to keep in stock.

From the instant you open this bottle, you’re drawn into the world of a masterfully crafted hot sauce. The enticing aroma of Habaneros hits you immediately. Continue Reading

Iguana XXX Habanero Pepper Sauce Review

Of all the hot pepper sauces that add carrots for sweetness and color, this just might be my favorite. Iguana XXX Habanero Pepper Sauce has a lot of heat and a lot of flavor, and one never gets sacrificed for the other. It’s fast becoming my preferred brand.

The ingredient list is headlined with the catchy – and true – phrase, “All Killer, No Filler.” Sure enough, there’s nothing here that you need to be a chemist to understand. Fresh ripe habaneros lead the list and the sauce does indeed have a fresh vegetable taste. Then comes carrots, vinegar, onions, lime juice, tomato paste, salt, and garlic. Ascorbic acid (which is simply vitamin C) is used as a preservative. All natural and good for you, too. Continue Reading

Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce Review

You remember that scene from Spinal Tap, where Christopher Guest’s character Nigel Tufnel is showing off his amp that goes to 11? Most amps, of course, only go to 10, but Nigel proudly states that his goes “one louder.” The joke is that the loudest is whatever the top number is, whether it’s 10 or 11; the only reason to make it 11 is to be different. And maybe just a little louder.

That’s kind of what Dave’s Gourmet has done. Its Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce bills itself as “the hottest sauce in the universe.” So where do you go from there? You guessed it: to 11. Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce also bills itself as “the hottest sauce in the universe.” And guess what? It’s definitely one louder….er, hotter. Actually, it may even be two or three hotter. Continue Reading

Wild-Mild BBQ Sauce Review

This is one of the best barbecue sauces I’ve ever tasted. I opened the bottle and stuck my finger straight in. Fortunately, my wife doesn’t mind this behavior, and I did wash my hands first.

I tasted the Wild-Mild BBQ Sauce by itself and was impressed right away by delicate balance of sweet, smoky elements of the sauce, as well as the light application of cayenne peppers included to give it added flavor. I say “added flavor” because that’s exactly what the peppers do. There’s no real heat to this, which is the point of  the sauce, but there is flavor out of this world. Continue Reading