Orange Krush Hot Sauce Review

The ingredients of Orange Krush Hot Sauce begin with Habaneros and include celery seed, mustard, red and black pepper, bay leaf, clove allspice, ginger, mace, cinnamon, and paprika. This combination of ingredients provides a taste treat for the palate. There’s nothing subtle about the way the heat of this sauce spreads through your mouth and down your throat, settling in your stomach pleasantly as you continue to enjoy the lingering traces of flavor left behind by the well-balanced blend of ingredients.

It’s long been known that peppers offer health benefits that include cleaning out the system and even possible prevention of some cancers.

I’m not saying that Orange Krush can do all that, but you can almost feel it cleaning your system as it makes its way down.

The aroma of Orange Krush Habanero Hot Sauce is pretty potent, with vinegar and Habaneros competing for supremacy, and the Habaneros winning by a slight margin. If your sinuses are clogged, Orange Krush will clear them up immediately. Other uses for Orange Krush include getting rid of a chest or head cold, or at least masking the symptoms well enough to make you think you feel better. Toothaches are no problem either. A drop of this sauce on your tooth produces an instant release of endorphins that will put a stop to the toothache, at least temporarily. This works with a lot of hot sauces, but Orange Krush has just enough heat to make it happen without leaving your mouth so fried that you’d rather feel the toothache.

Enough medical hot sauce trivia. How does Orange Krush hold up when used with food?

Grilled seafood is a given. I knew before I tried Orange Krush Hot Sauce on grilled jumbo shrimp that it would be awesome. Just to add a little sweet to the mix, I splashed some pineapple juice into the sauce, followed it up with a little lime, and finished it with melted butter. With Orange Krush as the centerpiece, the shrimp came out tasting so good I kept eating long after I was stuffed.

I also used Orange Krus Habanero Sauce as a dipping sauce for honey lemon-pepper wings. The heat and Habanero flavor of the Orange Krush with the honey and lemon-pepper on the wings gave me a well-balanced taste experience. I added some Orange Krush to melted butter for dipping my steak into as well.

Orange Krush Habanero Hot Sauce provides a potent enough heat kick for experienced hot sauce lovers, but not so much that it will send you in search of something cool to drink. It also offers a pleasing taste that even those with a discriminating palate will enjoy.

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