New Mexican American Cuisine Featuring the Red and Green Chile

Living near the South West border of the US has its benefits.  You will find a lovely mixture of Mexican and American foods and the Red and Green Chile is one of the most popular ingredients that you will find in this New Mexican American Cuisine. This type of cuisine is popular in the South West including California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

It has been said that the state question in New Mexico is “Red or Green” although this pepper is hugely embraced in the other southwestern states as well.  The chile pepper that is used in this type of cuisine can be used in either its green form or red form, depending on the state of ripeness. Often times you will find both red and green chile peppers combined in the same dish or available to you to add to your food.  Folks down there really have their favorite uses.  Many use green sauce on eggs and red sauce on enchiladas, for example. Some will even do half and half if they cannot decide or they just love the flavor so much.

When visiting the region to try out New Mexican American Cuisine, you will be amazed at the variety of dishes that use the chile pepper and make wonderful sauces from it. These dishes include: burritos, enchiladas, Chile Colorado or Chile Verde and salsas. You will find grilled chile’s used as appetizers and snacks. Look for the chile used as a topping on burgers, hot dogs, french fries and pizzas.  There is no limit as to what people use these chiles and the sauces on or in.  Whatever your mind can create and whatever your palate can enjoy is okay with them.

Next time you want to take your palate to some New Mexican South West cuisine, grab a wonderful recipe for a red sauce or a green sauce and let your creativity go.  It is delicious!

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