Natural Health Benefits of Cayenne Peppers

Peppers are a great source of nutrients such as the Cayenne.  Did you know that Cayenne Peppers are high in vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, calcium and potassium?  The medicinal qualities of the Cayenne are huge too.  Here are just a few things that this hot pepper can help you with.

Cayenne has been shown to help with the following issues.

* Aids in proper digestion by helping with proper peristaltic action in the body’s intestines. Helps to ease stomach aches and helps to relive gas pains.

* Medical studies have shown that Cayenne Peppers can help kill cancer cells in various organs in the body.  There has been good results with prostate cancers when using cayenne and other peppers.

* Medical studies have also shown that these types of peppers can help stop heart attacks.

* Studies have shown that Cayenne Peppers are excellent in reducing high blood pressure naturally in individuals who have chronic high blood pressure problems.

* People with peptic ulcers have had relief after eating cayenne which seems to be the opposite of when we have been told about ulcers.  Cayenne is actually a local anesthetic so by eating the peppers, you are healing your ulcers, not irritating them.

* Cayenne as a pain reliever will help with toothaches if you make a liquid by boiling the peppers in some water and then apply it to the tooth. It can also help with general aches and pains.  Many topical pain relief creams contain the capsaicin from peppers and cayenne itself.

Now you know why eating peppers and cayenne specifically makes you feel good. Continue to find ways to incorporate peppers into your diet and your body will thank you for it.

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