Naga Soreass Hot Sauce Review

Naga Soreass Hot Sauce – As the first part of the name suggests, this is a sauce made with naga jolokia peppers (ghost peppers). Crack this bottle open and you can smell the flavor — and the heat. The naga jolokia pepper has a distinct taste, a distinct aroma (very pleasant), and a distinct level of heat. Naga Soreass Hot Sauce brings all of those things to the forefront.

In addition to the naga jolokia, Naga Soreass has Red Savina habaneros in it as well. For those who aren’t familiar, the Red Savina is a habanero on steroids. The combination of these two peppers is insane. Either of them will give any sauce a heat factor off the charts. The two of them together are enough to send even the most hardened heat lover to the emergency room.

I was careful when I opened my bottle of Naga Soreass Hot Sauce. I didn’t let it come into contact with any part of my body — until I put it in my mouth, that is. I only used a little bit. I put a drop on the tip of a cheese stick. I knew the cheese would soothe the savage beast, and it did.

I’ve been on a Mexican food kick lately, so I thought this sauce would be a perfect companion for the food on my table. It was. I used a little to kick up my authentic Mexican chili (refried beans, beef, and tamale sauce). I love the taste of the Mexican chili, but I always need to add something to it. A couple of drops of the Naga Soreass Hot Sauce hit the spot and did the trick.

There’s no Mexican food Naga Soreass Hot Sauce doesn’t sit well with. At least, none that I’ve tried.

I like my steak sauces with a bit of a kick, so this is the perfect addition to any of the sauces I use.

Naga Soreass is a hot sauce, bottom line. There’s nothing mellow about it. If heat is what you’re after, this sauce will be the perfect addition to your collection of sauces. Use it with caution and eat it with a lot of food. This isn’t a sauce you’ll use as a dipping sauce.

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