Mountain Man Roasted Corn, Garlic, and Chipotle Sauce Review

Mountain Man Roasted Corn, Garlic, and Chipotle Sauce – This Mountain Man sauce is everything you’d expected from the finely crafted sauces Mountain Man puts out. Those sauces include Mountain Man Garlic Pepper Sauce and Mountain Man Roasted habanero Sauce. Mountain Man sauces are exquisite blends of ingredients and unique flavors to tickle the palate. I mean, really, give me a break. Just take a look at the name of this sauce. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Apple cider, vinegar, chipotle peppers,  roasted corn, tomato puree, molasses, garlic, salt, and brown sugar. What doesn’t sound good here? Put all these flavors together and you have a sauce that is perfect for just about any use you can imagine. It’s great straight, poured right on a corn chip. It goes well in cheese sauce, on tacos and burritos (and any other Mexican cuisine you can think of), it works as a sauce to dip your very pink steak in, it makes a great addition to soup, stew, and chili, and it’s extremely delicious as the basis for a Mexican pizza I like to make from time to time.

Hand-crafted sauces are what it’s about for me. I like a sauce that consistently delivers unique flavors and special ingredients lined up to bring out the best in food. Of all the sauces I use, some of them are fine enough to occupy a spot on my kitchen table, or at least on my counter, within easy reach. This one sits on my table at all times, ready to be put to use at just about every meal. This is a fine sauce with a personality I have never found in any other sauce, unless, of course, it was another Mountain Man sauce.

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