Mountain Man Garlic Pepper Sauce Review

Mountain Man Garlic Pepper Sauce is a traditional vinegar-based sauce with aged red peppers. The added benefit is the taste of garlic. This one is infused with it. Any garlic lover will be thrilled.

The sauce is aromatic, thin enough to pour easily (and with its fresh, garlic-infused flavor, you’ll want to be liberal), and full of pepper seeds and garlic pieces.

I tried it with hot wings first. It’s an obvious choice, and this sauce was a natural fit. There’s no need to add anything to the sauce except for a generous hunk of butter. Drop your wings into the sauce and let them lavish in it for ten or fifteen minutes. The wings tasted great with an ice-cold Irish Red beer.

Later on, I sat down with a big bowl of melted Mexican cheese and corn tortilla chips. A few splashes of Mountain Man Garlic Pepper Sauce brought the cheese to life.

Other great uses I’ve found for this sauce include spicing up my shrimp cocktails, splashing a little in my V-8, and dipping my pizza. In fact, anything you might use a traditional aged red pepper sauce with, Mountain Man Garlic Pepper Sauce will be more than happy to fit the bill.

This is the second Mountain Man sauce I’ve tried. One thing I like about the Mountain Man sauces is the way the ingredients come together. This is, as I said earlier, a pretty classic sauce. What brings it above one of the store-bought brands, or any other traditional style sauce I’ve ever tried, is the flavor balance. If you’re going to stick with something tried and true, you better add something to the mix to give folks a reason to try it. Mountain Man manages to do that well.

The heat level isn’t over the top here. It’s a mild heat that blends well with the vinegar and garlic. Put it this way, you could eat a spoonful of it without hurting yourself. That’s okay, though. As much as I love a good heat factor, there are times when I want to flavor my food with something only mildly warm. When I use Mountain Man Garlic Pepper Sauce, I’m not so much going for heat as I am for a burst of flavor. I’m never disappointed when that’s my intent and I break out the Mountain Man.

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