Mountain Man Corn, Garlic, & Chipotle Sauce Review

Well someone’s gotta stop the flaming ass madness. Or at least allow new blood into the club of hot sauce fools. This is where Mountain Man comes in. If it was on a long shelf of sauces it would run more to spicy BBQ sauces or rubs than the flamers. This is definitely entry-level stuff. Trainer wheels. My young niece took a shot at Mountain Man. No-one can hurt themselves with Mountain Man Corn, Garlic, & Chipotle Hot Sauce. In fact the word “hot” doesn’t even appear on the bottle. The only thing bringing heat in this mix is the rather mild chipotle pepper. Chipotle this and chipotle that seems to be everywhere these days which attests to the “pop” mildness and flavor of this pepper.

The heat hype on the bottle rises only to a “smooth and flavorful punch”. In these times of extreme names and claims I appreciate this honesty in advertising. “One taste will put you a corner cafe somewhere in Santa Fe.” This is also true since Santa Fe has become such a swell, soft town. But it would definitely not be found at the Los Correcaminos in Silver City, New Mexico. As far as heat goes this is a 2+. So be bold: Plops not Drops is how to apply this. 

Flavor is another story. This is sweet stuff, with Apple Cider, Molasses and Brown Sugar. The Garlic is clearly present in aroma and taste. I couldn’t really find the corn but that is probably part of “crafting” process. It is a pleasant easy-going taste and does add to many dishes. I particularly liked it on eggs and baked potatoes. Just right for these. I give it a 6-7 for flavor especially if you like sweet.  

So if the Big Heat has brought on medical problems (or insanity) you might want to R&R with Mountain Man Corn, Garlic, & Chipotle Sauce.

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