Melinda’s Red Savina Hot Sauce Review

Melinda’s Red Savina Hot Sauce is kind of a conundrum in how it presents itself. The packaging depicts what seems to be a rather sweet-looking woman, who I am sure I can safely assume is Melinda.

Melinda is the image of a kind Hispanic mother, who keeps insisting that you have one more helping of the warm dinner she was only too happy to make for you. Only, what you thought was a delicious rice and beans mix was really just a vehicle for the heavy doses of sedative she’s slipped to you. Now you’ve woken two weeks later. You’re in some city you’ve never heard of before, you’re naked in a filthy alley way and you’re missing internal organs you didn’t even know existed.

Melinda looks about as kind and unthreatening and I’m sure the habanero pepper does, pleasantly hanging from the stem. Habanero’s are small, round peppers, that pack the sort of punch you can typically only find when you press you tongue onto the terminals of a nine-volt battery.

Despite the fact that the name Red Savina sounds more comforting than it should, those of us who know anything about hot sauces and peppers are aware of the fact that before the dreaded Bhut Jolokia was discovered, the Red Savina was considered the hottest pepper, registering in the 350,000 scoville range.

This particular also happens to have a nutrition information box on the side, as if I need to know how many calories I’ve had when this evil concoction is liquefying my insides.

As the label on Melinda’s Red Savina Hot Sauce proclaims, the sauce is all-natural and has no genetically-modified ingredients, which basically means that the bottle contains the natural fury of mother nature, rather than some chemically-altered mix.

The sauce has that slightly-sweet peppery smell that many other sauce inhibit, indicating that Melinda’s Red Savina is a no-frills hot sauce.

Aside from Savina Rouge and Habanero peppers, the ingredients lists carrots, onions, lime juice vinegar, salt and sugar to give the sauce some dimension, without drawing attention far from the main attraction, which is the Red Savina.

Melinda’s Red Savina is one of those insidious hot sauces that a slow burn, which also fools you into thinking it’s not so bad. You have a quick taste of a drop of the stuff, and you think, “hey, that’s not so bad at all, maybe I will have a little more to get some of that flavor.”

Just as you’re noticing the mellow flavor of carrots with a lime-juice underscore, you realize that the back of your mouth is on fire.

Unlike many of other sauces, that use artificial ingredients and capsicum, this sauce gets very hot without lingering too badly. A little bit of burn sticks around, but for the most part, Melinda’s Red Savina isn’t going to be leaving to be leaving any scar tissue behind it.

It’s hot enough for hot sauce aficionados to enjoy, but it doesn’t last long enough to ruin the evening of a hot sauce rookie.

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