Melinda’s Mango Hot Sauce Review

Melinda’s Mango Hot Sauce – Melinda’s sauces are characterized by fresh ingredients, artistic blending, and flavors that make these sauces some of the best around. While the sauces all contain some element of hot pepper, Melinda’s idea of hot differs from that of serious chili heads. Even her hottest hot sauces aren’t extremely hot. These sauces use the pepper differently than most hot sauces. The pepper is a flavor element rather than a full-out heat element.

In Melinda’s Mango Hot Sauce, we’re treated to a partnership of habanero peppers and fresh mangos, along with carrots, cane juice, lemon juice, and a small variety of ingredients that make this sauce a tantalizing treat. The habaneros don’t do much in the heat department here, but they work well with the sweetness of the mangos and cane juice, adding just a slight sharp edge to the otherwise intense sweetness.  Sweet is the key word here, and if you don’t like it sweet, you won’t like this sauce. What I found Melinda’s Mango Hot Sauce to work extremely well with is seafood. Boiled or broiled shrimp are top on the list. Melinda’s Mango provides a distinctly tropical personality to the shrimp. The sauce works well on lobster, goes great with most types of fish, and even tastes great on crackers with various slices of cheese. I tried it on both chicken and steak quesadillas, a taco, and as a hot pepper jam. Since the consistency is so thick, it worked well in that context and tasted great on toast with butter. It also adds a fruity touch to scrambled or fried eggs.

My wife has claimed Melinda’s Mango for her personal stock. She uses it on just about everything that calls for a sauce. Melinda’s Mango Hot Sauce is an excellent all-around sauce, a great sauce to get for someone who wants to be introduced to peppers without getting burned, and handy to have on the shelf when you’re feeling creative. It’s a pretty sauce, and while most serious heat lovers might scoff at this being called a hot pepper sauce, I believe they’d be sneaking some in the middle of the night, while nobody was looking.

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