Melinda’s XXXtra Reserve Hot Sauce Review

Melinda’s XXXtra Reserve sports a bright-as-fire orange color and a beautiful, thick consistency. Habaneros, carrots, lime juice, onions, vinegar, and salt make up this sauce, with a pepper seeds worked in throughout for texture and added flavor.

Despite the name, this sauce isn’t intensely hot. It’s warm for sure, but it isn’t going to send anybody rushing to cool things down. What it is, however, is a finely crafted sauce with a delicate balance of its ingredients and a substantially good flavor.

Melinda’s XXXtra Reserve tasted great on tortilla chips with nothing else. I added a large quantity to avocado dip and found that it gave the dip not only a slight touch of warmth, but elevated it to another level of palate-pleasing goodness that left my family and me licking the bowl.

This sauce is also the perfect companion for breakfast. I used it on my scrambled eggs, dipped my bacon in it, and made it the centerpiece for my Mexican breakfast burrito.

There are times I’m in the mood for a sauce that won’t burn. Those are the times when I’m looking for good flavor and a little peppery warmth to complement my meal or my midnight snack. Melinda’s XXXtra Reserve Hot Sauce is perfect for those times. It’s a gourmet sauce that has an almost elegant quality about it, perfect as a table sauce or a party favorite. If you’re looking for a pepper sauce that you can use frequently, in a variety of ways, Melinda’s XXXtra Reserve is one you should try.

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