McClard’s BBQ Sauce Recipe

There are many popular local favorites when it comes to barbeque sauces and one local favorite in the south is McClard’s BBQ. McClard’s BBQ restaurant is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas and opened their business in 1928. They are famous for their bbq sauce recipe and the story goes that it was given to the family back in the 1920′s by a traveler who couldn’t pay his trailer’s lot rent. In exchange, he gave the McClard’s family his secret recipe for a fabulous bbq sauce. The McClard family loved the recipe and the sauce so much that they opened a restaurant that focused on that sauce.

Over the years, thousands of people have eaten in this restaurant and have come to love their secret sauce. The McClard’s BBQ is a spicy perfection that can be used on beef or pork to make ribs, chicken wings, pulled-pork sandwiches and just about any other recipe that calls for a good bbq sauce.

Many have asked for and tried to get this special recipe, but the secret recipe is locked up in a vault so you will never see the “real” recipe in writing. However, if you love McClard’s BBQ Sauce, you can purchase some from their online store or from several retailers. The sauce is available in 18 oz. bottles or 1 gallon jugs and they offer several their recipes of pepper sauces, salsas and more.

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