Mary’s Cherry Rub Review

Mary’s Cherry Rub – I was excited to try this rub. The first thing I did was rub it into some t-bone steaks and throw the steaks in the broiler. I didn’t add any other flavorings because I wanted to taste how this cherry rub worked on its own. The ingredients include sugar, brown sugar, dehydrated onion, garlic, ancho peppers, smoke flavoring, and cherry flavoring. The tempting aroma that wafted from the oven as the steak sizzled away with this stuff on it made my stomach growl in anticipation.

I wasn’t as pleased with the taste Mary’s Cherry Rub on the t-bone as I thought I would be. To be fair, though, my mother-in-law loved it and so did my wife. They thought the cherry sweet flavoring that permeated the t-bone steaks was a nice touch and really added something to the dining experience. In the future, I’ll avoid using this rub on beef.

That said, Mary’s Cherry Rub really shined for me when I used it with pork. I rubbed it all over a five pound ham, which I then carved up for sandwiches and breakfast. The cherry and smoke flavoring work so well on ham that I have to believe this rub was made for just such a reason. It tastes excellent on pork chops too. The sweet cherry overtone is so complimentary to pork that you’ll probably never want to use it any other way.

I have a friend who likes to roast whole pig. I’ve never done it; never thought I had the inclination to eat something that still had its head on. He found out about Mary’s Cherry Rub and asked to use it. The sweet meat that resulted was beyond divine. The roasting process he uses makes the pig sweet to begin with, and Mary’s Cherry Rub was an enhancement.

Don’t let me discourage you from using this with beef, chicken, or any other type of meat. Like I said, it didn’t work with beef for me, but my wife and mother in law say different. They usually have the last word. If you like pork, though, or if you’re like my buddy and you roast your pigs whole, give Mary’s Cherry Rub a try. It really does bring out the sweet taste of pork.

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