Marie Sharp’s Habanero Hot Sauce Review

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The colorful Christmas decorations are up outside and I am freezing! The cold weather is right for the holiday season, but not always right for me. This is “Atomic Eh?” and once again I am looking for something to, “bring the heat on,” as we say in my family home. Something tropical, something a tad exotic would be nice. If I can’t go there today, then why can’t I bring it here? I have a hot pepper sauce that will “light you up” for the holidays.

Coming from Belize, South America (actually is a Habanero Pepper sauce that will bring some of that fire in your life that you might be missing these winter months. Now it might not help you get all snuggly with the spouse these fine holiday days, but it will cause you to sit up at the dinner table and yell, “Pass me some more of that barbeque baby!” That’s “atomic” in my book. So if Santa is reading…I want some of this in my stocking!

Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce.

So this sauce has intrigued me for a while. Twice I have received this sauce in the mail with invitation to try it but alas it has not been till today that I have opened it and experienced one of the products that Marie has to offer us here in the good ole United States. Now, before you become critical of my review, may I just say that it is not a normal habit of mine to endorse a sauce that is not produced stateside. In my defense, I have seen this product name come up, time after time, and I succumbed to the temptation…yes, even now, you too know my secret. My weakness in life is comfort foot and good sauce (and of course gravy whenever possible) to go with it! Life isn’t quite as good, if you can’t eat well!

So Marie Sharp’s fine foods made this Habanero pepper sauce originally for the Belize consumers in 1980. She originally used Habanero peppers, fresh fruits and vegetables from her farm. So this sauce could be as authentic as you get!  This company also makes several kinds of Habanero sauces, jams, jellies, seasonings, and more. All of these spicy products are made in Central America. It has grown from being a kitchen made family business to having 20 plus employees at their factory in Dangriga, Belize. Today they still only use only local fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices from local farmers.

So enough with the history lesson and lets try this sauce!

Label/Appearance of Sauce.
It has a nicely detailed label. It is easily recognized as a Marie Sharp’s product by the banner going across the top. The sauce is a carrot-based sauce so it has a nice reddish orange color. The sauce appears to be kind of thin and not very thick or chunky. As I shake it up I can see bits of pepper seeds floating in amongst the red Habanero peppers and carrots. It looks good. Has a nice fresh color. The label describes the product as fiery hot. Good stuff? We shall see. The label also boasts that they have produced the best hot sauce that has the perfect balance between heat and taste. Well for me, well balanced would be tipping towards the hot side of the scale, so I will just have to let you know.


So when I first open the bottle the first thing I smell is vinegar and lots of it! I can also smell the garlic and spices and that is actually the thing that causes my desire to try this Central American creation. It smells good. I can definitely smell that fresh red Habanero pepper. It tastes sweet with a nice little heat. It’s pretty hot. I wouldn’t say this has an extreme heat to it, but definitely not a mild sauce. I have now tried this sauce on quesadillas and nachos. It compliments spicy, salty foods very well. The heat seems to last on my tongue longer then the flavor, so I might even say that there is more heat then flavor-the perfect combination for me!

Heat factor (Atomic Scale)
On the Atomic scale I would give this sauce a score of about three to four out of five. The label has a nice design and the flavor mixes with food rather well. It’s got a nice heat to it but I am not a big fan of strong vinegar flavors. It would be great on hot wings as well. I like the fact that there is not any extracts and that it is all-natural, but still packs a punch with the heat. I don’t think you will be disappointed if you purchase this for yourself or someone else.


Well in conclusion, has done it again. They have made me a believer. This is a sauce worth considering, so if your looking for a sauce that is out of this world or maybe just out of this country, check this one out. It won’t kill yah, but it might burn you! I would like to try some of their jams and jellies now. So instead of putting out milk and cookies for Santa this year, try putting out your favorite hot sauce, a bowl of guacamole, and some nice dipping chips. Santa’s elves might not appreciate it a few hours later, but Santa will love it munching on that during his long holiday trip!

So this is “Atomic Eh?” letting you know about yet another fun “atomic” sauce for you to try. Have a very HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Keep it hot and keep it spicy!


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