Mango Peach Tango Hot Sauce Review

Mango Peach Tango Baby!

Rock n roll has been around for a long time and spicy food has been developed and consumed with a passion for a lot longer. Both of these are important to my family and me. Everywhere I go, it seems like there is music and great food is to be appreciated. While some choose to agonize over politics or global warming, I, on the other hand, have a desire to spend my time on the more comforting things in life like family, food, and good ole rock n roll. When I can combine all these, I can give that day a perfect 10!

This is “Atomic Eh?” and I want to share another great sauce with you.

Mango Peach Tango
“Joe Perry’s Rock Your World”
100% Natural Hot Sauce.

For 30 or more years, Joe Perry, as you might know, is the world-renowned lead guitarist for the all-star rock band, Aerosmith. He is admired by people of all ages for his music and now is becoming known, for making great tasting hot sauce.  He has enjoyed spicy food since he was a kid and has been making his own sauce for many years. One day he had an idea to share a couple of his recipes with his fans and now he calls his line of hot sauces The Boneyard Brew. He goes on to say that it doesn’t just have his name but that he was involved in every stage of the creation and he himself uses this sauce as well.

He goes as far as to say,
“ Boneyard Brew has a mystical flavor that will keep your taste buds rollin’ all night long!”

As I look at the 5 oz bottle, I can’t help but wonder if this might be as good as the Mad Anthony’s BBQ Sauce that I tried. It too, was also was made by a celebrity, but just because they know how to make great sounding music doesn’t mean they know anything about sauce. The label is a nice color and blends in with the soft peach color of the sauce. It has a great design of Joe Perry playing his guitar. I can see bits of onion and red bell pepper floating in the sauce. Even though I have had it for a little while, the sauce had not separated and looked mixed even before I shook it. It flows nicely. I like thick sauces, but they are not always the easiest to get out of a bottle. The consistency of this one is perfect.
The sauce smells very good. It smells sweet and there is a strong presence of garlic in it. I can definitely smell the Habanero Peppers as well. I love sweet salsas and hot sauces on my fajitas, so that is what I tried this sauce on at first. It was spicy and packed some good heat. I could taste the sweet of the peaches as well as the peppers. Sometimes the fruit in some sauces can overwhelm the rest of the ingredients’ flavors. This one seemed to have a good balance. I later tried it on some scrambled eggs and the sweet flavor didn’t compliment the eggs like it did for the fajitas. I am looking forward to trying this sauce on many things. I would give this hot sauce a 5 out of 5 for label design and flavor. You just can’t go wrong with this one (Well, except maybe for eggs!).

So for anyone that loves to eat good hot sauce, possibly collect them, and/or can appreciate good rock n roll, this sauce may be perfect for him or her. I don’t think that it will disappoint you and for the price, it’s a good buy. You can find this and others at Thanks Chris!

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