Maker’s Mark Gourmet BBQ Sauce Review

Maker’s Mark Gourmet BBQ Sauce – In the interest of full disclosure, I have to point out that I am a big-time fan of Maker’s Mark bourbon. It’s my first-choice drink in a bar or restaurant, and I buy it frequently. For whatever reason, though, I hadn’t tried Maker’s Mark Gourmet Sauce before. Well, now that I have, I’m more in love with the Maker’s Mark brand than ever before.

If you appreciate Maker’s Mark, you’ll definitely appreciate the Maker’s Mark Gourmet BBQ Sauce bottle. It’s the same distinctive shape as the bourbon, and is sealed with the trademark red wax that makes even opening the bottle a happy ritual. But the real fun – with both the bourbon and the Gourmet Sauce – happens once the bottle is opened.

Surprisingly, for me at least, is that the key word in the name is not Maker’s Mark but “gourmet.” This stuff is a very carefully constructed combination of interesting ingredients that play very well together. To the standard tomato puree and vinegar, this sauce contains such unusual components as pineapple, apple sauce, lemon juice, raisins, anchovies and/or sardines, paprika, tamarinds, cloves, and shallots. In lesser hands, this might come out as an unnecessarily complex mess; here, it is a feast for your taste buds, adding depth of flavor to just about any food. It’s also equally vital as a grill sauce, a cooking ingredient, and as a table condiment.

And oh yes, lest I forget to mention, Maker’s Mark Gourmet BBQ Sauce also includes chili peppers and while it’s not very hot it’s spicier than I would have expected given that Maker’s Mark is not a brand associated with hot foods. But if you want a little heat with your flavor, this sauce delivers.

As a nice bonus, the sauce includes a little recipe booklet with such tempting dishes as grilled shrimp, grilled lamb, and a marinade for beef and fish, as well as several other recommended uses. But with a sauce this rich and flavorful, you won’t need a lot of direction. Just use it on anything and everything you eat – except maybe ice cream. Apart from that, breakfast, lunch, or dinner; grill, oven, or stovetop; meat, fish, poultry; whatever you’re serving it’s deserving of having Maker’s Mark Gourmet BBQ Sauce in it or on it.

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