Mad Dog Teriyaki Hot Sauce Review

Mad Dog Teriyaki Hot Sauce begins with a subtle aroma that’s very pleasing to inhale. As you would expect, the smell is immediately reminiscent of something Oriental. I poured a little on a spoon and sampled it. The sauce tastes exactly like it smells. It has a rich Oriental overtone brought on primarily by the tamari, ginger, and sesame oil. There’s also some honey and sea salt, kicked up by a dose of chili extract that adds a nice little heat factor to the situation.

There’s not a lot of uses for Mad Dog Teriyaki Hot Sauce. The flavor is so distinctly Oriental that anything you use it on will taste that way. I found it excellent on fried rice in play of soy sauce. It also tasted good on several other take-out Chinese food dishes. Add a little to the gravy on you egg foo yung and you’re in for a treat. I even tossed some of this into a shrimp and vegetable stir fry and found that I had created a dish my entire family loved.

I mixed Mad Dog Teriyaki Hot Sauce with some lime juice and fresh chopped chilies, then painted it over a dozen chicken wings, which I then fired up on the grill. The sauce baked on beautifully and the wings came out almost glazed. I’m not a big fan of wings with this type of sauce, but the flavor Mad Dog Teriyaki Hot Sauce brings to the table is over the top.

If you enjoy distinctly Oriental cuisine, you’ll find many ways to take advantage to the thick Oriental notes of Mad Dog Teriyaki Hot Sauce. Even if you aren’t into the Oriental flavoring, I believe you’ll find this sauce has something to offer.

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