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For almost 20 years, the Ashley Food Company has been creating all natural, mouth watering, and award-winning hot sauces, extreme hot sauces, pepper extracts, and BBQ sauces.  Combining hot peppers with rich flavor, each sauce.  Creator Dave Ashley kicked off his own venture in his tiny Brighton, Massachusetts kitchen, and soon was supplying so many friends with his creations that he expanded his project to a commercial level.

A quick glance at the bottle for Boston’s Best “Mad Dog Liquid Fire” reveals an initially average label: a black background slowly being consumed by flames, complimented by text set in red and black font. 

But then you notice the presence of a yellow lab in a chef’s apron and hat, proclaiming the sauce to be “Howling Hot!” and a “Scrumptious Combustion!” This was my initial impression of Mad Dog’s Liquid (dogs in hats?  Saying catchy taglines?  Crazy!).  And then I tried it.

A hot, thick sauce with a flavorful taste, “Mad Dog Liquid Fire” has the potential to be used for a multitude of things.  It can be poured over food, or used as a delicious salsa.  Add it to a pot of chili, or (my personal favorite) top a slice of pizza with a thick layer. The bottle recommends using it on sandwiches or as a BBQ sauce, a suggestion that I heartily agree with.  The sauce is substantial enough to be applied to a sandwich or wrap with gusto, while not so vinegary as to diminish the intended flavor.

Onion, tomato, cumin, garlic, chili pepper and herbs create a slow burn and blend together for a zestful end result.  Spice wise, there is not so much of an immediate bite, but rather a slow build up of heat that establishes itself as a full-fledged, enjoyable force by the end of the meal.

I decided to top a rice and black bean burrito with the sauce.  With my first bite, I immediately detected a peppery, smoky taste, and the heat lingered in my mouth long after the burrito had been polished off.  The chili pepper and the garlic add a unique flavor and a hearty amount of heat to almost anything without overpowering the food.

Mad Dog Liquid Fire” is a sauce that I will be sure is always present in my hot sauce arsenal.  You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of Mexican cooking to enjoy Mad Dog; it has a solid flavor without being “hotter than hot,” and adds a delicious bite to almost any dish, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Besides, how can you deny a sauce created by the former general manager of Alice’s (yes that Alice’s) Restaurant?  That’s right, you can’t, so why even try?

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