Mad Dog Liquid Fire Hot Sauce Review

Mad Dog Liquid Fire is the ideal introduction to the world of hot sauces.  After removing the screw-on cap and taking your first whiff of the bottle, your nose hairs will still be intact, your vision unblurred by the tame promise of the heat (or lack of heat) to come.

Your first tentative taste will reveal a vinegary liquid with a smooth consistency, mild smell and a flavor that is easy on the palate. However, what this sauce lacks in heat it makes up for in flavor.  Mad Dog’s hot sauces have long been a favorite – the company consistently offers its customers a variety of products with an array of levels of heat, from mild to ring your bell hot.  Yet Mad Dog still manages to never sacrifice flavor in the name of scoring a high number on a ‘hotness’ scale.

As someone who loves to use hot sauces in her homemade meals (chili, yams, burgers, pizza, omelettes, etc), but must keep other palates in mind when prepping the majority of these dishes, I appreciate Mad Dog’s nod to both spice and flavor.  And as someone who appreciates more than a bit of spice when she’s cooking on her own terms, I think it’s a testament to the overall awesomeness of Mad Dog Liquid Fire that one week after breaking the seal on my latest bottle, the Fire is almost half gone.  One thing’s for sure though – in my kitchen, it’ll never be allowed to go completely out.

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