Mad Dog Inferno Reserve Review

Mad Dog Inferno Reserve Hot Sauce – You can see the trouble waiting for you through the bottle. Mad Dog Inferno is dark brown with some blood or brick red overtones. You can see the concentrated pepper extract waiting for you — daring you — to give it a try. Unless you are bullet proof, this stuff should be used sparingly, and if you seriously want to taste it straight from the bottle, as I did, you need to limit your intake. I would not be going overboard telling you to sample with a toothpick. Seriously, that’s all you need to get the message.

The ingredients here are vinegar, molasses, concentrated pepper extract, garlic, jalapeno pepper, onion, habaneros, chile extract, clove, and some herbs and spices. With this much extract, you know it’s not for the innocent. Be absolutely careful when you use the sauce.

Taste wise, Mad Dog Inferno Reserve Hot Sauce comes on bold and strong. The extract delivers a sort of medicinal quality. Despite the other ingredients, flavor is not the strong point of this sauce. It’s heat. Mad Dog is created for those who like the pain.

I cooked two times with Mad Dog Inferno Reserve, both with the results I expected. I used it in a chili base and brought a pot of chili to a heat level that was unacceptable for all but the most ardent heat lover. The entire pot of chili handled about two teaspoons of this sauce and became something of a raging fire. My other experience with Mad Dog Inferno Reserve was as an addition to a rather bland barbecue sauce. The sauce was sweet. Adding the heat of Mad Dog Inferno not only notched up the barbecue sauce on the heat level, it did add a nice little flavor kick that went with the sweetness of the barbecue sauce. I used it on chicken breast and had a really good meal.

My advice is simple: cook with Mad Dog Inferno Reserve Hot Sauce if you must. Don’t try using it unless it’s heavily diluted and you’re going for a fire bomb.

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