Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce Review

Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce is not so much a sauce as it is a paste. You’ll build some great upper arm stretch trying to pound a few drops of this sauce out of the bottle. The good news? You’ll only need one. This stuff is monstrously hot. A solo taste produced more than an hour’s worth of full-mouth burn, quelled very little by water or milk. It has a thick, grainy consistency and a dark, chocolate brown color. Uncapped, the imposing scent wafts out of the bottle like some sort of evil genie ready to grant your wish for oral masochism.

The heat is rapid and sustaining. For a second run, I slathered a drop in the middle of my roast beef sandwich with provolone (on wheat). Roast beef is one of my favorite lunch meats, but sometimes it just seems unexciting.

Like a pretty girl who refuses to dress sexy. Well, Mad Dog Inferno certainly sexed up this sandwich. It was poor judgment on my part to pair the meal with buffalo tortilla chips. Needless to say, I was guzzling H20. Applied to the sandwich, the sauce was kind of inconsistent, but that’s probably my fault. I think a drop mixed in with a teaspoon of mayo could work wonders.

Secondly, I cooked up some of my barbecue meatloaf. Believe it or not, I am generally a fantastic cook, but this just wasn’t my day for the culinary arts. Lacking a loaf-shaped pan, I just used a big cookie sheet. Usually I do my meatloafing on the grill, wrapped up in foil, so I’m not faced with this problem. Seasoned chefs will already know what I’m about to tell you: All the fabulous fats and juices from the beef-veal-pork mix I used, along with whole garlic cloves and chopped onion, leaked out into the pain, and I was left with sad, dry, hump of burger.

Thank fully, I’d included a single drop of Mad Dog Inferno Hot Sauce. One drop in a pound of meat, and this baby was burning! It saved the day, making my mess palatable, along with the encrusted BBQ sauce and potatoes out of a box.

Flavor wise, there is nothing very intricate going on. This is a pure heat sauce, so apply carefully to dishes that need kick. Inferno would complement a chili wonderfully, or homemade meat sauce over pasta. Or, if you are a really mean friend, just slather some across a deviled egg and tell a buddy its really good.

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