Mad Dog Green Amigo Hot Sauce Review

Unlike other hot sauces, Mad Dog Green Amigo is not one that relies on its level of heat to sell bottles, but rather on its flavor and value as an ingredient.

If the “amigo” in “Green Amigo” was not a clear enough tip-off, the stereotypical “Mexican” theme of the yellow dog’s attire should clue you in to the fact that this sauce works best as a component to any Mexicana-styled food dish. 

If you can bring yourself to look past the yellow dog in a sombrero shaking a pair of maracas, you’ll notice that the bottle’s label promotes itself as a mild sauce, with just one notch on a ten-point heat scale.

The green sauce is ideal for pouring on tortilla chips or into burritos or tacos. The sauce is Jalapeno pepper-based, giving just a little bit of heat, but not enough to upstage the main attraction of the sauce, which is its flavor.

What little heat there is, does not linger.

While having an overall thin consistency, the sauce has tiny chunks throughout of minced garlic, onion and cilantro. According to the bottle, the ingredients are fresh, which further contributes to the sauce’s strength as a salsa. 

A simple whiff of the sauce will tickle your nostrils with hints of lime and cilantro, whose presence is all the more apparent when tasting the sauce.

There is a slight tang to the sauce, mostly from the citrus of the limejuice. 

The bottle offers a simple recipe for salsa, calling for just three chopped tomatoes to the sauce. The sauce itself is a good chip salsa, but you might want to add the filler of diced tomatoes or tomatillos in to get the most out of how ever much you spend on the 5 oz. bottle.

The sauce is very much a niche sauce. While it is a solid addition to any food that would also be good with salsa, it has limited strengths for foods outside of the Mexicana genre.

Although in terms of price, Green Amigo does not tend to show up on the more expensive end of the scale, it is still best to have a good idea as to which Mexican/southwestern dish you plan on making in the foreseeable future, in which Green Amigo can work well in.

Mad Dog Green Amigo is a sauce that almost anyone can get behind, even if they treat it like a salsa, pouring single drops of it onto one tortilla chip at a time.

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