Mad Dog BBQ Sauce Review

Mad Dog BBQ Sauce is a meaty tasting sauce heavy on the smoke and with just a touch of warmth. Mad Dog has made some fine hot sauces, so I wasn’t surprised to find a barbecue sauce this rich and flavorful. This is the kind of sauce you want to slather on a side of ribs, some lamb, veal, and any other kind of meat you’re in the mood for. This is a barbecue and meat lovers sauce of choice.

Mad Dog BBQ Sauce has a medium thick pour, a rich brown color, and grainy texture that leaves a big taste in your mouth. After cooking a couple of steaks on the grill with this sauce painted all over them, I added more on the plate, just to dip my meat in. I even barbecued some burgers for the kids and had one myself, just because I wanted more of the Mad Dog.

Mad Dog BBQ Sauce is loaded molasses, hickory liquid smoke, and tamari, which is a soy sauce with a high content of wheat and soy beans that result in a smoother soy sauce. This blend of ingredients, while sparse, does give Mad Dog BBQ Sauce it’s distinguishing taste. The base is a heavy tomato paste and there’s also some spices and herbs blended in to round it out. If serious barbecue flavor is what your summer is all about, get yourself a bottle or two of Mad Dog BBQ Sauce for a barbecue bash that will keep your company happy.

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