Mad Dog Original BBQ Sauce Review

Mad Dog BBQ Sauce – In the world of commercial barbecue sauce, there are the dozen or so major brands that take up all the space on the supermarket shelves, then there are the hundreds, perhaps thousands of small independent manufacturers whose sauces are sold in specialty stores or perhaps only online. Mad Dog bridges these two worlds. It’s probably one of the largest if not the largest of the smaller brands and is well known and highly regarded by much of the public.

How does a smaller brand get to play with the big boys? It helps to be super delicious and have award-winning quality. Mad Dog’s recipe is pretty simple – tomato paste, molasses, vinegar, tamari, hickory smoke flavor, garlic, herbs, and spices – but it’s remarkably effective. The only unusual ingredient is tamari and it essentially substitutes for the more typical Worcestershire sauce, upping the salt component in place of the tangy heartiness of the Worcestershire.

Thick with robust flavor,  Mad Dog BBQ Sauce isn’t known for its heat but for its broad applicability. Because it’s simple, and simply delicious, it really does go well with just about any food, on or off the grill. It’s probably best with chicken and in my experience especially good with moist, hearty parts like thighs and drumsticks. It’s also very good with turkey and pork. But its smoky flavor also works well with sirloin tips and burgers. In fact, you’d have to be mad not to add Mad Dog BBQ Sauce to your meatloaf or meatball mix.

Connoisseurs may be mistrustful of Mad Dog’s relative commercial success, and put off by its lack of heat, but the full breadth of the Mad Dog product line – which includes some of the hottest sauce you’ll ever taste, Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Sauce – should convince anyone that all acorns are as good as the tree they fall from. You can always add heat to any sauce, but the sauce has to be worth adding the heat to, and Mad Dog BBQ Sauce is as good as it gets.

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