Mad Dog 357 Mustard Sauce Review

I get the impression that Mad Dog 357 Mustard Sauce uses its goofy yellow dog much in the same way a wolf might don sheep’s wool. I look at his stupid grin and the chef’s hat with flames and I can’t take him seriously.

The only time I ever see flames on clothing is when they’re being worn by some poser douche bag who spends too much money at Hot Topic, so I wasn’t expecting to be impressed by Jokey yellow dog and his silly mustard sauce. Mistake number one.

The yellow dog who appears to have an access of neck hair, returns on the label of Mad Dog 357 Mustard Sauce, which is a thick, brownish-yellow concoction.

Based on the ingredient list, 357 Mad Dog Mustard Sauce is your basic mustard, with mustard seed, vinegar and turmeric along with other seasonings such as onion and garlic that add to the flavor. Slipped into the list of ingredients is Habanero Peppers, the source of the sauce’s heat.

Mad Dog ranks the heat of the sauce at a scorching eight on a 10-point scale. Despite the fact that Mad Dog’s scale is usually not anywhere near as hyperbolic as its packaging, I still failed to take this mustard seriously before I had tasted.

The first time I attempted to taste this sauce, it was a bit of a failed experiment, as I tried it out on a whim after a few drinks. I drunkenly poured the sauce onto a hamburger mistaking the sauce’s mustardy smell for a lack of actual heat.

That was mistake number two.

I didn’t remember how the sauce tasted, but I do remember that I got about halfway through the burger before the pain of the Mad Dog 357 Mustard Sauce transformed by buzz into an instant hangover.

Once I had recovered, I decided to try again with more of a guarded approach to the sauce.

I dabbed a small amount of the sauce onto the end of a chicken nugget.

It’s a part of Mad Dog’s 357 series, which prides itself on attaining 357,000 Scovilles. For those who are still trying to figure out the Scoville scale, 357,000 is somewhere between “painful experience,” and “kill me.”

Just as you begin to detect the process of the mustard flavor, your tongue is greeted with the heat of the extreme flavor that the label promises.

The flavor is certainly present, but the price of admission is the searing burn.

The mustard itself, is your basic mustard. Without the addition of the habaneros, you would most likely be left with a run-of-the-mill mustard that is just a step up from French’s Yellow Mustard.

As mustard, it naturally has a limited range of use, and should be used sparingly as a dipping sauce.

Mad Dog 357 Mustard Sauce would certainly work on a sandwich and even a burger, though I would suggest you include a variety of fixins’ such as lettuce, tomato and maybe even some ketchup to balance out the sting of the mustard.

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