Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce Review

If you’re looking at a bottle of Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce, you’re staring down the barrel of a 357 — literally. That’s what’s on the label, along with a few “bullet holes” and several warning and disclaimers. Not to mention the notification that this sauce reaches 357,000 on the Scoville scale.

As much as I love hot sauce, “This Sauce Is Very Hot — Use It At Your Own Risk” is a warning I take seriously. A quick scan of the ingredients reveals that both habanero and cayenne peppers lurk within — a warning in and of itself. A closer inspection reveals that the cayenne peppers are 160,000 on the Scoville scale.

The goal of a sauce like Mad Dog 357 — and most sauces that use such a lethal combination of habanero and cayenne peppers — is to take ordinary chicken wings, chili and the like and turn them into nuclear dishes that only a few brave souls at your average back-yard gathering will be able to partake of. Rather than allowing myself to be reassured by the cute yellow dog mascot in a chef’s hat, I approached the bottle with caution. I could tell from the first whiff that this was indeed hot stuff, but under the spiciness, it also had the delicious, sweet smell of sweet onion and garlic.

I put a little on a taco, took a deep breath, and took that unforgettable first bite. My first impression: heat and lots of it. My prediction: pain! I couldn’t really taste the flavor right away until the initial heat calmed a bit. Not only were my lips, tongue and every surface in my mouth on fire — so was my throat!  Wow! When my sense of taste began to return, the flavor was vinegary and sweet. Approximate recovery time: five to ten minutes.

If you are looking for a hot sauce that will give your recipe “a little kick,” keep looking. Easily among the hottest of the hot, this sauce is quite well named, because it totally blows your taste buds away! Not for the casual hot sauce user, Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce would be perfect for almost any dish that you wish to transform into truly nuclear fare — chili, chicken, salsa, beans, hot dogs, clam chowder, and Mexican food come to mind. Even then, I would advise using no more than a few drops at the time. Please heed the words of wisdom on the bottle and proceed with caution — and enjoy!

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