Mad Dog 357 Hot Pepper Sauce Review

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce – 357, 000 on the Scoville heat scale. That’s damn hot. The label has a long list of terms of agreement before you use this sauce. That’s because Mad Dog sauces are violently hot. If you’re one of those guys or girls that like pain, this is a sauce for you.

I’ve tried it alone and with foods. Even as an additive to other foods, Mad Dog 357 is only marginally workable, and then only if you have enough common sense to use it in moderation.

There’s not a whole lot to this sauce.  Vinegar, chile extract, cane juice, habanero peppers, garlic, onion, and cayennes that measure 160,000 on the Scoville chart themselves. This combination of ingredients can only be hot. There’s nothing in it to balance the heat. Taste is not what’s important to anyone who uses this sauce. Cooking with fire is.

As a food additive, as I stated earlier, Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce works. Add it to chili, soup, and stew in moderate doses and you’ll be okay. It will elevate the heat level of whatever you’re cooking. I added it to a base hot sauce for my chicken wings and ended up with wings that were almost too hot to eat. I used it in moderation at that.

Some hot heads are simply into the fire. The ingredient list doesn’t matter, so long as it contains plenty of hot peppers. This is their sauce. Mad Dog 357 is high-caliber ammunition meant to wipe out anything it touches with a barrage of heat-inducing bullets. If you like your heat over the top and unstoppable, Mad Dog 357 is a sauce to keep on hand.

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