Mad Anthony’s Barbeque Sauce Review

Rock ‘n Roll my Barbeque…if you dare!

Hey to all you chili heads out there and Barbeque addicts. As I continue my quest in hunting, acquiring, and best of all, consuming some of the finest, tastiest, and hottest sauces out there, I must take just a moment to tell you about,

Mad Anthony’s Barbeque Sauce. once again has provided me with a great tasting sauce to tantalize my family’s taste buds.  It’s winter here, but that is no reason not to barbeque whenever you can. So many people go out looking for great tasting comfort food or tasty smoked and grilled meats, but end up being a bit disappointed, or disgruntled because they paid 40 bucks for a piece of meat, that they could have gotten at their local market for less then ten dollars. I’m here to tell you that you can take a simple cut of beef and transform it to a spicy, mouth-watering, culinary delight. I am getting hungry just thinking about it!  I took a tri-tip cut of beef and rubbed it with a product called “Rudy’s Rub” and slow cooked it on my barbeque. I like to season it about ½ hour before I place it on the grill. I slow cooked it and when it was done to perfection I dipped it in Mad Anthony’s Barbeque Sauce. Perfection!

Michael Anthony is probably best known for his role, playing bass in the 80’s rock sensation, “Van Halen”.  Currently he is continuing to build his fan base by playing bass in the new all-star band called “Chickenfoot” and producing some of the tastiest barbeque sauces out there.  These sauces can be found at, my family’s hot sauce/barbeque sauce connection.

People say that many products have what is called “star-power.” This means that people will only buy a product because a “star” has produced it. Well, I think there is some truth to that because that is exactly what I did. I figured that if he makes his sauce as good as he plays bass then I would not be disappointed. I wasn’t! This sauce is good. My wife was even surprised and my five-year-old son just gobbled it up.

Label- The label has a spicy design. Bold letters illustrate Mad Anthony’s name while fire engulfed peppers give a hint to what is inside. The top has a nice formal foil wrapper that has a simple tab that you unwrap to attain that screw top cap. It reminded me of unwrapping a champagne bottle, just without the fear of a nasty hangover!  It comes in a generous 16 oz bottle.

Sauce- The sauce is thick and dark. The molasses gives it color as well as a subtle sweetness. It is great for grilling or for dipping your meat in. I found that it clings to the meat unlike some sauces that just run off. As I was eating I found myself wanting more and more. The flavor was very pleasing and went well with the barbequed tri-tip. It smells sweet with a subtle hint of garlic and onion. I found it interesting that one of the ingrediants is fig puree.  My wife thought this was a nice addition for flavor. This sauce is not what I would call a “super hot” but it does have a lot of flavor and spice.

Conclusion- I felt comfortable with sharing it with my whole family and trust me, they were glad I did! I would give it a five out of five for flavor and bottle design. I definitely would buy this again a look forward to doing so. It would be a great gift for a barbeque and/or rock n roll fan or collector.

This is “Atomic Eh” telling you to keep it hot and keep it spicy! Enjoy!

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