Learning about Pablano Pepper’s and Ancho Chile’s

There are so many different types of peppers that are available for cooking and eating that it can be overwhelming to keep them straight.  Which pepper is good for this dish or that one?  Here is some information to help you learn a bit more about the popular Pablano pepper and its sister the Ancho chile.

The Pablamo pepper is one of the most popular peppers, next to the Jalapeno. You may find it under the name Pasilla.  A native of Mexico, it is used in a variety of ways, both fresh and dried.  The flavor is mild and the spiciness ranges very low on the Scoville Scale.  This pepper is mainly used in dishes such as chile rellenos, which is basically a roasted and peeled pablamo stuffed with cheese and /or meat, deep fried and covered in a red sauce. They can also be canned or frozen for future use, after roasting and peeling their skins.

Pablamos are often dried.  You can find them in the dried form under the name Ancho chile and again, this will be considered mild although it does get hotter after drying.  After drying the pepper turns black and flattens out into a heart shape.  It is usually used in ground form as a seasoning.  One very popular use of the Ancho seasoning is in Mole and it is very popular in general chili seasonings that you can purchase.

Next time you have the opportunity to try a Pabalmo pepper or Ancho chile, pick up a few and see what you can create with this popular pepper.

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