Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Hot Sauce Review

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Hot Sauce – The almost naked bottom of a blonde girl on the label (it’s a drawing, so relax) with a big set of red lips on one cheek is the visual hook for this sauce. When I saw it, I figured the sauce was going to be a weak attempt at greatness. The sauce itself is orange-red and very thin, which almost always means the sauce in question is going to be generic at best. “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye” really surprised me in that department. Although the sauce looks like it will be a passable sauce if you’re hard up and there’s nothing else, this one really delivers with good flavor.

Garlic, salt, vinegar, and the distinct habanero pepper are all there is to this beautiful sauce. The habanero’s distinctness is made full use of here, delivering a sauce that is pleasantly warm and full of flavor. It isn’t going to win any awards with those who like their sauces blistering, but it will make a nice introductory sauce to anyone looking to ease into the fire arena. This is a good way to experiment with hot sauce and get your feet wet before you set your tongue on fire. If you’re a newbie, you’ll probably wipe your forehead a couple of times. If you’re experienced at heat, you’ll find this rather weak, but you will appreciate the rich flavor of one of the world’s best peppers.

No special instructions for using Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Hot Sauce. Put it on anything you want to add a little flavorful heat to. It’s great in scrambled eggs with lots of butter, a perfect taco hot sauce, over burritos, as a dipping sauce for steaks, and as a marinade for shrimp. It works well in just about any kind of soup or chili too. To tell the truth, I like sipping it right from the bottle, but as I said earlier, don’t try this if you’re new at the game. It does have an awesome taste, though, and taking it straight from the bottle allows me to enjoy it to the fullest.

If you’re looking for a great starter sauce to ease yourself into the world of hot sauces, grab a bottle or two of “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

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