Key West Key Lime BBQ Sauce Review

Key Lime provides the foundation for this Key West BBQ Sauce. Other ingredients include brown sugar, soy sauce, Tequila, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, anchovies, tamarind, New Mex chilies, garlic, onion, mesquite flavor, and a set of secret spices. The ingredients are blended subtly to produce a smooth sauce with a lot of personality. The tequila and lime are happy neighbors that get along well with the mesquite flavor well. The chilies add such a quite heat that it’s almost unnoticeable while providing a nice complement to the other flavors going on. Overall, there is a sweetness followed by a tart aftertaste, thanks primarily to the lime.

This Key West Key Lime BBQ Sauce worked well on the grill, painted heavily on a slab of ribs. It also works well as a dipping sauce on the side. The consistency is somewhere around a medium thickness, with just enough pour to make it easy to use and enough thickness to cling to the meat. I’d recommend this barbecue sauce to anyone who likes sweet sauces. The sweetness here is intense without being overpowering. There’s a savory undertone that saves Key West Key Lime BBQ Sauce from being too sweet to enjoy.

Try throwing a couple of steaks in a bowl of this sauce and letting them sit for a couple of hours, then throw them in the broiler and enjoy. Key West Key Lime BBQ Sauce cooks onto the meat and thickens up as it cooks. The resulting meat is tender, juicy, and lets the sauce shine through. For all its subtle flavorings, there’s no overpowering the taste of the sauce with food.

If you’re looking for a barbecue sauce with a character all its own, Key West Key Lime BBQ Sauce is one to have on hand at your next cookout.

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