Key Lime BBQ Sauce Review

When I think of key limes, I think of key lime pie. I didn’t expect this deep reddish-brown sauce to taste like key lime pie. But the other thing I generally use lime juice for are margaritas. And lo and behold, there really is tequila in Key West Key Lime BBQ Sauce! Which is not to say it tastes like a margarita because it doesn’t. But that’s OK, because I don’t want a barbecue sauce that tastes like a margarita. I want a  barbecue sauce with a rich, robust flavor and that’s exactly what this sauce delivers.

The ingredients are fairly standard for the most part: tomatoes, brown sugar, sugar, corn syrup, soy sauce, tequila, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, New Mexico chiles (would love to know exactly what those are), garlic, onion, salt, spices, and natural mesquite flavor. The sweet ingredients are counterbalanced by the salty soy and savory Worcestershire sauces, the tomatoes and the smoke stand out, but unfortunately the familiar tequila bite and any heat at all from the chiles are nowhere to be found.

Key West Key Lime BBQ Sauce is plenty thick so one solution would be merely to add tequila and hot sauce, but it works quite well on its own as a serviceable standard barbecue sauce. It has a more complex flavor than typical tomato-based barbecue sauces and therefore likely works well on a broader range of food items. I would rub the meat to be grilled with a nice spicy spice rub, with lots of peppercorns and crushed red pepper, then grill it until it’s almost done, adding Key West Key Lime BBQ Sauce near the end. The thick sauce will bring sweet and smoke to the spice-crusted meat – a combination that makes my mouth water just thinking of it.

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