Joe Perry’s Bone Yard Brew Hot Sauce Review

Joe Perry’s Bone Yard Brew Hot Sauce – Aerosmith rocks, in part due to the blues rock fusion in Joe Perry’s searing guitar riffs and solos. Joe Perry, however, continues to rock after the amps have been turned off. Joe Perry’s Rock your World sauces are top of the line. His Peach Mango is one of the best sweet heat combos I’ve ever tried, so when I saw the Bone Yard Brew, I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Joe Perry’s Bone Yard Brew Hot Sauce is 100 percent all natural and that’s a fact. You can taste the absence of no preservatives; you can taste the freshness in every single drop of this beautiful crafted hot sauce. And believe me, the sauce is beautifully crafted. It’s a work of art.

Start with the ingredients. Vinegar, bell peppers, lime juice, garlic, onions, chipotle peppers, and a little sauce form the basis of this addicting sauce. Every ingredient that can be fresh is fresh. The flavors all masterfully blended to create a hot sauce that delivers both significant heat and a flavor that falls into the gourmet category.

There isn’t a single way I won’t use Joe Perry’s Bone Yard Brew Hot Sauce. It goes into any cheese dip or salsa I decide to use. Sometimes I ignore the dip and dump Bone Yard brew right onto the chip. After a few bites, I find myself wiping a little sweat from the forehead, but it’s worth it. The sauce simply tastes too good not to eat it by itself.

I love tamales, but I find some tamale sauces to be a little bland. Joe Perry’s Bone Yard Brew Hot Sauce is the perfect complement to the no-flavor blues. Shake up the bottle and pour it liberally over your tamales for a kick in the taste buds that will have you going back for seconds.

I like dipping my steak straight into Bone Yard Brew too, no steak sauce necessary. The savory taste and burst of fresh pepper and lime that come through this sauce make a perfect companion to a good cut of beef.

If you like a hot sauce that lives up to the adjective hot, but delivers flavor that any fine chef would recommend, put Joe Perry’s Bone Yard Brew Hot Sauce on your turntable and give it a spin.

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