Jim Beam BBQ Sauce Review

Jim Beam Barbecue Sauce – I was looking for the proof information on this bottle, when I saw the following in small type on the back label: “This is a non-alcoholic product (contains less than 0.02% alcohol by volume.” I couldn’t believe it, because when I tasted this sauce I went “Oooh weee!” And if you know me (which you don’t), that’s what I say when I throw back a good belt of bourbon. Jim Beam Barbecue Sauce may not have a lot of Jim Beam bourbon in it, but it does manage to retain a lot of Jim Beam flavor.

Taken overall, aside from the bourbon the ingredients are in line with most commercial barbecue sauces. What’s different is that tomato paste isn’t the lead ingredient; in fact, it’s the fifth. Ahead of that comes water, vinegar, sugar, and molasses. That means it has a predominant sweet and sour flavor, but heavy enough on the sour that the distinctive Jim Beam bourbon flavor slides right in and lends its own particular characteristics to the mix.

The combination of rich flavor and only moderate sweetness makes Jim Beam Barbecue Sauce a good ingredient in your meatloaf or hamburger mixture – and a little on the top adds the right finishing note. In addition, it makes a great simmering sauce and dip for appetizer meatballs. It’s not super-duper thick so it can be used straight in a pot without diluting it – which you wouldn’t want to do and risk losing that nice flavor.

I dare say that even if you don’t like bourbon flavor, you’d still enjoy Jim Beam Barbecue Sauce. Unless you like your barbecue sauce very sweet, Jim Beam is a rich yet simple sauce that doesn’t get cloying with onions and smoke flavor and stuff like that – just good simple ingredients mixed well, and leaving you with a tangy fresh flavor you’ll want to use every time you cook.

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