Jalapeno Pepper Ice Cream to Chill Out

Because it is so dang hot, today is a great day for talking about ice cream and how to incorporate your favorite pepper into your favorite ice cream dessert.   Jalapenos are a very versatile pepper and can be used in many of your homemade vanilla ice cream recipes or homemade vanilla yogurt and custard recipes. When using a Jalapeno in your dessert recipe you always want to handle them carefully so protect your skin with gloves while handling them.

To make some homemade Jalapeno Pepper Vanilla Ice Cream you don’t need a special recipe to make it. You can use your favorite homemade vanilla ice cream recipe and just add your chopped Jalapeno pepper to it. However, you will need to prepare the pepper first.

You will want to use just one Jalapeno Pepper in the recipe so wash your pepper to remove debris, remove the stem, membranes and seeds. Place the pepper on a chopping board and finely chop it into fine pieces or place it in a food processor and process until it’s finely chopped. Next, saute the chopped Jalapeno pepper in 1 tablespoon of oil for about 2 minutes to soften it. Drain away the oil and place pieces on a paper towel. Now…when adding it to your favorite vanilla ice cream recipe, just add in when you are adding in the bulk of the recipe’s ingredients and process the mixture as directed in the recipe.  If you like a lot of “kick” in your ice cream you can certainly add more peppers but we always suggest that you start out with one or less until you decide how spicy you like it.

How refreshing does that sound?  Even on hot days, you can enjoy peppers in your food without getting fired up.  The ice cream is going to cool it right off.  So next time you break out the ice cream maker for a special event, try some Jalapeno Ice Cream and enjoy!



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