It’s Easy to Make Homemade Hot Pepper Sauce

With the abundance from the gardens right now, many gardeners and folks stocking up at the farmers markets are making delicious salsas as well as canning and freezing their produce right now. But what about making homemade hot pepper sauce? Think it is too difficult? Is it all but forgotten in the world of salsas and BBQ sauces?

Well thankfully the answer to that is no. A simple hot pepper sauce is an easy recipe to follow and it will yield you quite a bit of sauce that you can use for dipping, fiery wings or whatever your pleasure.

Similar to a Tobasco sauce, there are recipes that contain as few as 3 ingredients; peppers, salt and vinegar. Sounds too easy to be true, doesn’t it? The famous Tobasco brand lets their sauce sit and age for three years before it is bottled and sent to you to use. And that is part of the secret to making a good sauce… but you don’t have to wait that long!

When you find a recipe that you want to try using the traditional Cayenne pepper, your favorite Anaheim’s, Jalapeno’s or even Habenaro’s, if you are daring, you must allow an aging time for it all to come together. If you have canning equipment, you are home free. By allowing your hot sauce to age a month or so, the flavors will develop and expand into a wonderful taste sensation.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with hot sauce recipes by adding in some garlic or mixing different types of peppers. This is going to be your famous creation. You can even make different sauces for those that may like a hotter pepper sauce and one for those that prefer a milder pepper sauce.

Making your own homemade pepper sauce is not a hard process to do, it will just take some patience to not eat it all when you make. In this instance, waiting will bring you a delicious taste and the itch to create more flavors.

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