InsaneChicken’s Cluckin’ Hot Ghost Pepper Sauce Review

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This is “Atomic Eh?” reporting in on a very exciting, very heated, and internally explosive “Atomic” product. First we must begin with…”Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy HOT SAUCE!!!!!” Okay, okay, maybe not, but you may wish to become a little “spiritual” before you try it. For some, it could be an idol to put on a shelf, for others it could be a way to “squawk” in foreign tongues, and for others it might just take you to your knees in prayer…begging the good Lord to “JUST TAKE THE HEAT AWAY!”  For me, it’s just another way to “ENJOY” the better things in life!

I gotta say, right off the bat, that I love the label. The “Insane” chicken is giving up the ghost. I don’t think it’s the “Holy Ghost,” but it’s definitely something that will make you wonder where you will end up after consuming this product! Insane Chicken says, “Cluckin’ Hot Ghost Pepper Sauce is a near death experience in a bottle!” The final directions state: “Pray before opening.” No exclamation…just a simple statement…that needs no explanation. But you can’t find out if you don’t have one.
Okay, lets talk about the “Ghost pepper” otherwise known as the Bhut Jolokia Pepper.  This IS THE HOTTEST PEPPER IN THE WORLD. If you want something hotter, walk up to your local Police or Highway Patrol officer and say, “excuse me officer, can I have a shot of your pepper spray on my barbeque?”  Yes folks, this might be the perfect “pepper spray” for you barbeque.  The “Ghost Pepper” is hot, and the only thing hotter is pepper spray and/or some of the amazing pepper extracts out there.  But enough of that…let’s talk sauce!

The color looks great. As I tilt the bottle it appears to be a thick sauce. The color is kind of reminiscent of the taco bell hot sauce packages I use to get as a kid. You might know what I am talking about. The sauce packages you have to open 15 times just to consume one of their nasty burritos. Then of course I don’t have to remind you what happens 6-8 hours later! But this is from so there is hope.

It smells of vinegar and spices, just as it should. The sauce tastes good–lots of flavor! Expect the heat to stay with you for a while. A little grainy in consistency but over all I can say that I just want more. There is definitely a “Ghost Pepper” flavor, which is nice, and even though it’s eight in the morning I instantly want to find the nearest Mexican Restaurant. I like the sauce and I think it will travel with me today as my family and I explore our weekend. It’s one of those sauces that I find has a flavor I really like, but one that forces me to quit half way through a meal due to the heat factor. Well not today! I am up for the challenge, are you? Apply liberally to your food and have no fear! (Just maybe have some milk close by!)

This is “Atomic Eh?” telling you that this sauce is “atomic”! I would rate this sauce a 4 out of 5 for label, consistency, flavor, and heat!
You will love it.

Definitely a great gift for anyone you know.

So keep it hot and keep it spicy!


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