InsaneChicken’s Fire Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce Review

Hey fellow Chili Heads!

This is “Atomic Eh?” bringing you another searing heat story! I am looking for the most “atomic “ sauce out there, and I want to share this one with you.

This stuff looks so hot that I had to ask my son to introduce it to ya!

Insane Chicken Fire Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce
Even the chicken is smoking!

I must say that the label is very intriguing. It shows a chicken with his beak smoking. I love it. Any sauce that makes me smile is a plus! But, I must say that as I approach the idea of opening the top I notice the red plastic wrap covering the top of the lid.  Is this a warning to the user or just some more fancy packaging?  Roasted Habanero peppers are first on the list. That is encouraging.  There’s a quote on the side of the bottle that promises the user that, “This sauce will have you shaking your tail feathers and squawking for more,” we will see!

•    This label is great!  I give it a 4 out of 5 for interest and design.
My wife is cooking tacos as we speak and I must say I am looking forward to this sauce.  Ok…I just opened it and smelled it and I am instantly HUNGRY!
Thank God my food is ready….

So, I did a spoon test….It had a bit of a sweet taste at the beginning and then the heat came on. I liberally covered my taco with it and began to eat before the burn stopped. As I got about ½ way through my taco, my mouth was burning and so were my lips. Great stuff! I must say, my wife who is a new chili head, took one tiny taste and said no way. I on the other hand just threw out one of my older sauces to make room for this one. I am going to use it. No funky aftertaste and the vinegar was very mild…not even noticeable. I couldn’t really taste the sauce in my taco but I did experience the heat.
•    I give it a 3 out of 5 for being atomic and taste. Great every day sauce. It’s a keeper!

Well, my tail feathers have survived and I definitely want more.  Insane Chicken has two more flavors for me and my family to try. Can’t wait. This bottle won’t last long so I will be ordering more soon.  Is it atomic? Oh yeah baby!

So, this is “Atomic Eh?” telling you to keep it hot and keep it spicy!

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