Insane Chicken’s Cluckin’ Hot Sauce Review

Insane Chicken’s Cluckin’ Hot Sauce I’m sitting outside right now, in Georgia, on a beautiful Summer’s day. I mean, it truly is beautiful. The weather is perfect. The grill is fired up. My kids are running around having a blast, and I’m watching my gorgeous wife play with them. I’m also dipping chips in cheese laced heavily with Insane Chicken’s Cluckin’ Hot Sauce. We’re also going to do some wings using the very same sauce.

The Ghost pepper is one of the hottest peppers around. Using it in a sauce is risky, unless of course all you want to do is cause pain. Insane Chicken manages to find the right balance between pleasure and pain here, blending the all-important ghost pepper (Naga Jolokia), red wine vinegar, peri-peri peppers, molasses, salt, and a variety of herbs and spices to give us a sauce that packs a heat punch and allows you to enjoy the taste of the ghost pepper all at once, which is no simple feat.

I’m pouring another iced tea right now. That’s because Insane Chicken’s Cluckin’ Hot Sauce is the gift that keeps on giving. The more of it I eat, the hotter it gets. This is what I look for in a hot sauce. I want plenty of time to take advantage of the ingredients, to taste the wonder of the sauce, to allow it to express itself with my food — and I want to feel the burn. I just don’t want the burn to overpower the culinary delights contained within the bottle. With this beautiful ghost pepper sauce, the culinary delights are completely free to express themselves, and as a bonus, you get a burn factor that will please those who like it hot.

I used to use Dave’s Ghost Pepper sauce for my cheese dip, but Insane Chicken’s Cluckin’ Hot Sauce will be replacing Dave’s as my ghost pepper sauce of choice.

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