Cluckin’ Hot Ghost Pepper Sauce Review

Insane Chicken’s Cluckin’ Hot Sauce – InsaneChicken sells the world’s finest hot sauces, so why make their own? Simply, because they’re damned good. Insane Chicken’s Cluckin’ Hot Sauce is described on the label as a ghost pepper (popular name of the mega-hot bhut jolokia) sauce, but in fact it’s a potent blend of peri peri peppers, ghost peppers, and concentrated pepper extract, which adds up to one fiery concoction.

Cluckin’ Hot Ghost Pepper Sauce is a nice, very thick reddish-brown sauce, with the peppers floating in a stew of red wine vinegar, tomatoes, onion, and molasses. I like that the thickness of the sauce means that it stays where you put it, rather than dripping off meat or spilling all over the plate. It also blends well with other ingredients and condiments without thinning or diluting them. For example, adding some Cluckin’ Hot Ghost Pepper Sauce to ketchup or tartar sauce completely remakes them into devilishly hot dips.

It’s too viscous to be a classic pepper sauce for Bloody Marys but there are plenty of other good uses for this sauce. If you can handle a ton of heat, for example, the tomatoes and molasses in Cluckin’ Hot Ghost Pepper Sauce warrant its use as a barbecue sauce. It’s thick enough to brush on, and stay on, chicken parts on the grill, but just be warned that it will make buffalo wings seem like gummy bear wings.

It may seem unfair for Insane Chicken to be on the vanguard of making very hot, very good sauces, but it just goes to show that you can truly trust the brand. They really know their hot sauces, so whether they’re just selling them or making them, too, if it says Insane Chicken, you’d be insane to be too chicken to try them. And Cluckin’ Hot Ghost Pepper Sauce is the best example of that.

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