Iguana Smoky Chipotle Pepper Sauce Review

A deep reddish brown sauce in a bottle with an angry looking iguana smoking a cigar and wearing a military uniform must yield an interesting product, right? The tagline reads “Smoky, Savory, & Sort’a Hot”. Is it smoky? Yes. Is it savory? A little. Is it hot? No. Well, my grandma might think it is hot, but she also thinks that bell peppers offer a ‘kick’, so I’m not taking her advice on this one.

The first smell of the Iguana Smoky Chipotle Pepper Sauce makes you smell it again. What is that smell? A few more sniffs reveal hints of a Worcestershire-sauce type smell (methinks it could be the ‘artificial smoke flavoring’ listed in the ingredients). Overtones of oregano are also discernable.

Tasting it on its own will make you wonder where the ‘sort’a hot’ part of this sauce is hiding. I’m still not sure. I tried a ‘taste’ on my finger. I tried a teaspoon. And then another. If there is one thing this not, its hot. But it does offer a host of other flavors to complement your cuisine. The sauce boasts a long list of spices (including cocoa!) to toy around with your palate and add to the complexity of the flavor.

The aforementioned oregano flavor remained discernable in all of the food combinations we tried it with.  Grilled chicken was the favorite – painted on to a breast before grilling and then used as a dipping sauce when eating it. The sauce is a little bit chunky, which helps it to stick to the meat during grilling. Eggs were another favorite, highlighting the chipotle flavor of the sauce.

The smoky but mild flavor of this sauce lends itself best to barbequed meats and veggies. Mix some in while making burgers, or add to pork, chicken, or tofu. Grilling seemed to really highlight the robust flavors in this sauce, making it better when cooked than eaten as-is. Another win was mixed in with some black beans and chopped green onions. The sauce added some depth of flavor to what could otherwise be a bland dish. Of note – the Smoky Iguana black beans served alongside some fried eggs splashed with the sauce were a real treat!

The Bottom Line: If you’re looking for major heat, this is not your sauce. What it does offer is a very smoky, chipotle, and oregano flavored kick for your food. Iguana Smoky Chipotle Pepper Sauce is best suited to grilling (or even baking/broiling) and mixing in side dishes.

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