Idiot Boyz Habanero Hot Sauce Review

I thought Idiot Boyz Habanero Hot Sauce was just another oddly named pepper sauce angling for attention on a crowded store shelf. Then I tasted it and understood that the name is perfectly apt — because you’re an idiot if you underestimate both the flavor and the savage afterburn that this sauce delivers.

I took my customary initial taste by putting a drop on my finger and licking it off. “Ooh, now that’s hot!” was my first reaction. It really is a fiery concoction, featuring not only habaneros but also chile extract (the appearance of any pepper extract ensures a painful experience). Then the flavor came in, thanks to a nice combination of lime juice, onion, and garlic (which were prominent), and evaporated cane juice, which delivered a subtle sweetness that just barely broke through the heat.

Despite the obvious heat, the unexpected good flavor prompted me to draw a line of sauce across a plate of pasta and mix it up. In my first bite, the flavor shone through nicely and I took another bite and then another. All of a sudden, my nose began to run, my forehead became sweaty, and the roof of my mouth felt like it was being licked by flames. I lunged for a glass of water, which is never useful at alleviating the pain of pepper heat, then had to stuff a couple of slices of bread in my mouth in order to quell the sensation.

It took about five full minutes before I was able to resume eating. I took another bite and again the flavor was the first experience, and then the powerful afterburn kicked in. And that, I feel, is why it’s called Idiot Boyz: it lulls you into thinking you only have to endure the initial heat, and then it acts like a flamethrower aimed at your insides. When you recover, you feel like an idiot for having been taken by a bottle of hot sauce. And then, proving your idiocy, you’re compelled by the flavor to get right back on the horse that threw you, and the cycle beings again.

Idiot Boyz Habanero Hot Sauce is for serious chileheads, those who appreciate a good burn and aren’t afraid to play footsie on that thin line between pleasure and pain. Idiot Boyz certainly delivers both, which makes me think the creators of this sauce are a lot smarter than they let on.

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