How To Properly Marinade Your Chicken for BBQ

Here is some information you may need now that you have grabbed a few of our great marinades.  Chicken is a great meat to use a marinade on as it absorbs the marinade quickly and it infuses a lot of great flavor too.  It is perfect to serve when throwing those backyard BBQ’s and parties.

To start, shake up or mix up your marinade a few minutes before you are ready to begin. Pour your marinade into a plastic or glass container that is especially made for marinating meats or use a zipper closure bag. Add your chicken pieces and make sure your marinade covers all areas of the chicken. Cover the container (or close your plastic bag) and refrigerate. Most recipes will tell you how long to marinate your chicken so follow their directions. If there are no marinating times printed on the recipe, a good rule of thumb is three to eight hours.

Remove your container from the refrigerator and let it stand at room temperature for five to ten minutes. Remove chicken from the container and place in a baking dish or on your hot grill. You can baste your chicken with leftover marinade sauce during the cooking process with a marinade basting brush. However, during the last fifteen minutes of the cooking process, do not use any left-over marinade sauce as you don’t want to cross-contaminate your chicken.

Before serving your chicken you want to make sure the inside is done by piercing the inside and checking for blood. When you pierce the chicken the juices that come out should be clear of blood. You can also check for doneness by using a meat thermometer. The majority of chicken cuts should reach an internal temperature of 160 to 170 degrees. If roasting or grill a whole chicken the internal temperature should reach 180 degrees.

Have fun finding great marinades to try at your next BBQ or family night.



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