How to Make Homemade Pepper Spray

Do you want to discover steps to make homemade pepper spray? Its very simple, quick, and works great.


  • 2 tbsps of red pepper( flakes, something such as cayenne pepper)
  • rubbing alcohol
  • baby oil
  • a bit of thin white cloth (you will require it to use as a strainer)
  • Small glass ( about the dimensions of a shot glass)
  • Small spray bottle (an empty lens cleaner solution bottle for your glasses works excellent)


  1. First put the 2 tbsps of pepper flakes in to the shot glass.
  2. Then put the rubbing alcohol into the glass until it is approximately one cm on top of the red pepper.
  3. Next grind and mix it collectively with the spoon for around 3-5 minutes or until it is completely blended.
  4. Now put about an ounce of baby oil into the glass and mix together with the spoon for about 2 minutes. Cover the glass and shake it until it mixes completely.
  5. Now pick up the 2nd shot glass and put the cloth over the top of it. Press down at the center and produce a small amount of a “crater” in the cloth. Gradually strain the blended liquid into the cloth. The cloth will strain any wxcess particles of pepper that could cause clogging in the spray bottle. Believe me though, theres an abundance of pepper remaining.
  6. Now remove the cloth and you get a unpleasant looking fluid. Here is your own pepper spray. The odor is unappealing enough, you realize its not going to be very desirable to whomever gets it sprayed in their face.
  7. The last step would be to pour the fluid into the empty lens cleaner bottle Twist on the cover and your complete. Your personal homemade pepper spray.

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