How Many Carbs Are in Pizza Huts Hot or Mild Wing Sauce?

There are plenty of people looking for ways to cut carbs and still enjoy their favorite wings and BBQ sauces. Sugar is the main culprit and when you make your own sauce, you can adjust the sugar or use a sugar substitute. We have a great recipe for a Low Carb BBQ Sauce that you can tweak to your enjoyment level.

Eating out can be an issue for those watching their carbs and when you have a craving for some hot and spicy wings, you do have some choices available. Here is a list of the carb counts for Pizza Hut’s Hot or Mild wings.

Variety of wings Pizza Hut Carries: (carbs per 2 bone-out wings)

* Buffalo Burnin’ Hot – 18 Carbs
* Buffalo Medium – 18 Carbs
* Buffalo Mild – 18 Carbs
* Spicy Asian – 24 Carbs
* Spicy BBQ – 21 Carbs
* Honey BBQ – 27 Carbs
* Lemon Pepper – 18 Carbs
* Garlic Parmesan – 11 Carbs

Crispy Bone-In Wings Range: (per 2 wings) 8 to 24 carbs
Traditional Wings Range: (per 2 wings) 1 to 16 carbs

Tip: If you are looking to save carbohydrates and calories your best choice off their hot wing menu is to go with the Traditional Style Wings.

Watching those carbs doesn’t have to be hard when you have choices. You can still enjoy your favorite wings by making your own sauce or grabbing some from Pizza Hut. Enjoy them!


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