Hottest Hot Pepper Sauce Review

With a name like Hottest Hot Sauce, you expect this sauce to be either very bad or very good. It’s a simple name, nothing fancy at all.  Is this the hottest hot sauce? Not by a long shot. Is this sauce hot? Oh yeah, it’s hot, hot enough to make my eyes water.

The simple name is all that’s necessary. Hottest Hot Sauce doesn’t rely on a fancy name to stake its claim in the world of hot sauces. The bottle design, featuring flaming skulls, is pretty awesome, though. What it does rely on is taste. There’s a beautiful fire-roasted flavor going on with this sauce that balances well with the blistering heat attack. Hottest Hot Sauce is billed as a fire-roasted sauce because several of the ingredients are fire roasted, which adds an attractive characteristic. Speaking of ingredients, this one fire-roasted habaneros, vinegar, lime juice, onion, garlic, cane juice, and chili extract. The onion and garlic are chopped coarsely and distributed proudly throughout the sauce for a texture you can bite down on. The habaneros seeds are left in and distributed just as thoroughly throughout the sauce as the rest of the ingredients, making this a sauce that clings wonderfully to anything you use it on.

Let’s talk about aroma. Open the bottle and pass it under your nose. It’s a rich, satisfying fragrance that makes you want to pour it on something, anything just to get a taste of a sauce that smells so appealing.

The Hottest Hot Sauce is a wonderful tasting sauce that can be used liberally (in spite of the heat) to flavor eggs, tacos, burritos (any Mexican food), and just about anything else you would normally want to heat up. Blended with butter, it makes a great sauce for wings and an excellent coating for seafood. This is a sauce that will please any pepper sauce lover, and one that you would benefit from by keeping a bottle of it on your dinner table at all times.

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