Hottest Hot Sauce Review

The flaming skulls on the bottle of “Hottest Hot Sauce” take me back to the worst nightmares of my childhood. I remember waking up screaming as skeletons chased me down the street and disembodied ghouls rose from the fiery pits of hell determined to take me back with them. Thankfully this sauce is a far more pleasurable experience for my taste buds.

The label includes standard threats that this is the “hottest hot sauce” and that it will “really set your skull on fire.” As a New Englander I appreciate the use of local vernacular on the label claiming that this is a “wicked hot sauce.”

A quick scan of the ingredients adds a bit a credence to the bottle’s claims of intense heat within. The sauce boasts fire roasted habenero pepper as its first ingredient and chili extract as its last. Any sauce with chili extract is going to pack some heat but it’s what I see suspended in the brick colored liquid that inspires the most fear: seeds, and lots of them.

The sauce smells absolutely ravishing with overtones of roasted garlic and onions and a hint of smoke to boot. Besides fresh onion and fresh garlic it also includes cane sugar, fresh lime, vinegar and xanthan gum. It’s not a chunky sauce but there are plenty of little pieces of habenero and garlic left to cling to your tongue

As good as this stuff smells, it tastes even better. The flavor is slightly sweet  with a kick of acidity and a lingering smokiness from the fire roasting. The heat builds slowly, giving the flavor time to sink in before rearing its ugly head. In quantity the sauce really shines, bringing quite the kick which stays strong for a few seconds until all the bits have washed down your throat. Then the pain dissipates and only a tingle remains from the extract.

I tried the hottest hot sauce straight on chips and found it to be tasty but maybe just a little hot to eat straight like that. A better use is slathered on wings where the seeds and bits of habenero cling to the chicken making every bite an adventure. Also when this stuff gets cooked the fire roasted flavor becomes even more prominent. While not quite as hot as the bottle claims this is most definitely a wicked good hot sauce.

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