Hot Sauce is Not Just Hot Sauce

I know that is hard to believe but hot sauces are not all alike.  Sure they are made with vinegar and spice and all things nice, but just like any other food item, there is a large difference in many of them especially regional products like Mexican Hot Sauce or Asian Sauces.

Many people think that hot sauces are interchangeable but each one has its place within the type of food they were created for.  Take the hugely popular Tapatio Mexican hot sauce.  While this is actually a California brand, it is shipped throughout Mexico and the west.  This type of product is made to enhance foods with a spicy jalapeno hot pepper flavor such as rice and beans and Mexican soups, seafoods, and the like. Valentina is another popular Mexican hot sauce. Both of these are made from red pepper with vinegar but they are not exceedingly hot.  They are considered by many to be more a flavor enhancer.

If you are looking for a more garlic hot pepper flavor, try the Siracha Hot Sauce from Thailand, sometimes known as the Rooster.  Some say this is more of a sweet hot sauce than a spicy hot sauce but that could be more from the garlic and sugar.  It is in a class of its own and it is a staple in Asian restaurants and any kitchen that makes Asian food on a regular basis.  The flavor is truly unique.

If you live in the South, then you are never without Tobasco hot sauce. Made from the tobacco pepper, this is a staple in most of the southern homes as well as most of the US homes, I am sure.   Tobasco is the main hot sauce used in southern spicy cooking as it has a unique flavor all its own.   Its mild pepper sauce is something we all grew up on and we enjoy it on eggs, in biscuits, in fried chicken and in many of our food staples.  Heck, Tobasco could be a food group all on its own with its popularity in the US.

Next time you are looking for a hot sauce, grab a few new ones and try them out with different foods and see how they taste and enhance your foods.  A few shakes could make a huge difference and a new level of enjoyment.

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  1. Hot Sauce said:

    Jun 17, 11 at 3:46 pm

    You are right! So many people don’t realize that there are real differences between hot sauces, in flavor, heat, and after-burn. Here in Arizona, we use hot sauce and salsa like some people up North use ketchup!

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