Hot Sauce Dangers

Some people have questioned whether hot sauce or the hot peppers can be a danger to you. Peppers as a whole are not dangerous to you. They have plenty of vitamins and health benefits.  What can get to you is the Capsaicin. Capsaicin is potent oil, but there is no medical evidence that it is unhealthy for your body by consuming it in a sauce or in your food.

The effect you can get from this oil that is harmful to you is the burning from the oil found in very hot peppers like Habaneros, Ghost Peppers and similar very hot fruits.  For someone that is not used to eating very hot foods, you can get extreme burning on your tongue and in your mouth. The oil can also give someone digestive effects in your intestines and stomach and cause severe upset.

Capsaicin can aggravate preexisting ulcers and digestive disorders, so those suffering from any kind of digestive difficulty need to proceed with caution.  There have been many concerns that hot peppers cause ulcers.  This has been shown to be not true as the capsaicin actually helps prevent ulcers as it helps the stomach build up bile and kills unwanted bacteria.

One other side effect can come after cleaning the hot peppers.  The oil can remain on your hands and should you touch your eyes or face, you can feel a high level of pain, including blistering of the skin in more severe cases.  Make sure to wear gloves and wash your hands with soap and water after use.

In the old days you used to hear of parents giving their children hot sauce to ingest for cursing or doing something bad (like washing their mouths out with soap type of deal) and it is highly advised that parents do not use hot sauce as a punishment tool in regards to children.  The pepper oils and juice can cause severe stomach issues and burning on their delicate tongue and mouth for quite a while after eating it.

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